The events of the last several weeks leave me feeling overwhelmed if I attempt to convey all that has happened :)

Good things.

My birthday was great. The VA Aquarium was fun. the kids loved the sea turtles and sharks and looking at all the fish. We had lunch at Chick-fil-A and were able to meet up with my aunt and cousins while the kids played. It was wonderful spending time with my family. I got some really great books I wanted.

i was surprised by my friend and adopted little sister Kelsey. She flew in on my birthday but got stuck in D.C. She surprised me in the morning... I came downstairs and there she was... all the way from CA! It was a wonderful trip, albeit too short (in my opinion) but we definitely made the most of it. Thanks Kelsey for coming and for surprising me. You and Mike did a great job keeping it from me!

the last couple of weeks have been full of doctors appts. Michael is now officially free and done with his helmet! Yay! Yesterday he was scheduled to have an MRI but it was canceled... again. They forgot to call and let us know that the insurance wouldn't process it. So I found out as I'm waiting in Day Surgery... waiting to see the anasthesiologist. A three hour visit... but the insurance got straightened out... and he was able to get some much needed medicine. And so we will re-schedule, again, his MRI. So, frustrating, but hey, insurance is finally re-instated.

My dear friends from Charlotte are in town. And we will get to keep Alexis for two week-ends!

I finally finished an article recently. It will get published on Ungrind on the 21st of this month.

Not so good things.

There are still some issues with Michael's health that we are trying to work through. There is still more testing and such that needs to be done. One of the major concerns is in regards to his eating by mouth and also his torticollis (Torticollis, or wry neck, is a condition in which the head is tilted toward one side, and the chin is elevated and turned toward the opposite side). If it doesn't improve in the next 4-5 weeks... the dysphagia and rehabilitation clinic would like to hospitalize him for 4-6 weeks... to do intense and rigorous, exercises and feedings with him. We would like to avoid that if at all possible. Of course we want whatever is best for him... but we would much rather have him home than in the hospital.

The suburban conked. We weren't sure what's going on.... but GOOD THING is a mechanic from our church checked it out and it's just in need of a new alternator. Yay!

My computer won't let me download more pictures at this time. I need to clear space or something. But I have all sorts of fun pictures I can't wait to share... and soon :)


Wendy said…
Hey! Do you have new contact info for the Williams? I would love to talk to Laura...thanks friend.

Anonymous said…
I enjoyed your article! Definitely can relate.

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