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Clean Sheets & Duct-Tape Diapers.

One of the interesting things about having small children is how they change your world.

Our latest endeavor has been to attempt to keep diapers on Ian & Michael. Most mornings we would find them stripped of their pants or shorts and with their diaper off. This has made it really hard keeping their sheets clean... not to mention, the mess of their diapers everywhere.

Our solution... duct tape.

Yep, we tape their diapers on them. At first we thought it enough to just tape the front where the pull tabs are. That is not sufficient. So now we know we have to tape all the way around. It's quite comical but it works for now.

I recently had changed my bedding. I was excited to crawl into bed with clean sheets and comforter. No sooner had I crawled into bed when I discovered that I wasn't the first one in bed. Bits of graham cracker were all over the bed, under the sheets. I was tempted to get frustrated but then I realized something. This is a mark of the season of life I'm in…

ER & stuff.

Well, there's a lot of catching up I need to do. A week ago (last Saturday) was the twin's second birthday. We had planned on being out of town but ended up having a change of plans. All that to say we didn't have a party in place which was a good thing.

Libby ended up getting really suddenly violently ill. What started off as a minor stomachache led to her throwing up persistently. She had diarrhea. I noticed she was getting dehydrated fast. She started throwing up blood, became delirious and her eyes rolled back in her head. We rushed her to the ER at Chesapeake General Hospital. We knew were faster than waiting for an ambulance.

I was truly scared. I'm used to medical emergencies with my special needs children but this was different. I didn't know what was happening.

Thankfully we called ahead and they were all ready for us at the ER. The doctors and nurses were great and she did well although she was scared of getting an IV. After hours of fluids and anti-nause…

Drudge. Trudge. Drudge.

Pushing through every day feels like climbing a mountain. Go to bed. Wake up. Repeat.

I don't mean to sound joyless. I just feel discouraged and overwhelmed a lot of the time. Most days I feel like doing nothing. I'm nauseous most all the time and utterly exhausted. And yet the demands of meal making, diaper changing, baby cleaning, clothes washing continue.

Every day I pray for grace to make it through the day.

I struggle with panic attacks.


I worked out at the Y today. Zumba really gets me going. I fed my children. I gave them their meds. I played with them. I read from the Psalms today. I feel like David constantly crying out to God out of desperation. What a great reminder to hear from a man who was literally being pursued by enemies that God is our refuge, our strength, our very present help in times of trouble.

So while my steps feel like lead I cling to my NEVER changing, ever good, just God. He is the same today, tomorrow and forever.…


So the past couple of weeks have been a blur. So much going on. Lots of craziness with the kids. got the tooth taken care of. Michael got an ear infection and has had to have frequent breathing treatments. The boys in general have been tearing the house apart. Randomly wreaking havoc on whatever their little hands can find.

I have thought of all sorts of cute ways to do this....

I dyed Easter Eggs with each of my kids name on them. I thought of taking pictures with the boys all wearing "Big Brother"shirts.

Instead I'll just say it out loud... "i'm pregnant!"

I'm due in November. I have yet to find out if this is a singleton or multiples. I'm a little nervous about that. But more than nervous
I'm really excited.

So I guess I'll start blogging again now that that little piece of information is out in the open...