ER & stuff.

Well, there's a lot of catching up I need to do. A week ago (last Saturday) was the twin's second birthday. We had planned on being out of town but ended up having a change of plans. All that to say we didn't have a party in place which was a good thing.

Libby ended up getting really suddenly violently ill. What started off as a minor stomachache led to her throwing up persistently. She had diarrhea. I noticed she was getting dehydrated fast. She started throwing up blood, became delirious and her eyes rolled back in her head. We rushed her to the ER at Chesapeake General Hospital. We knew were faster than waiting for an ambulance.

I was truly scared. I'm used to medical emergencies with my special needs children but this was different. I didn't know what was happening.

Thankfully we called ahead and they were all ready for us at the ER. The doctors and nurses were great and she did well although she was scared of getting an IV. After hours of fluids and anti-nauseau meds she was a lot better. The doctors said she was throwing up so much and so hard that the lining in her throat was bleeding. She had contracted a nasty virus.

Sunday we all stayed home. Libby was recovering. I felt awful but wasn't sick. The next day, Monday, Mike got very sick. Monday night Samuel started throwing up and didn't stop for about 24 hours.

It's been a crazy week. everything is just now settling back to normal. So there you go. Life in our crazy home. Grateful for a little peace.


Caren said…
Oh Jenn, if its not one thing, its another, right? Thank the Lord we have HIM to keep our eyes on and know that He is in control of everything! I'm glad everyone is on the mend...Hope everyone feels good when I get into town! I would love to see you all! Talk to MLJ about dates! I'll see you soon!
Anonymous said…
What an awful post to read. I'm so glad Lib is okay. I hope Mike and Samuel are feeling better and everyone else is well. Remember to rest when you can and drink lots of water. :)

Please give everyone my love.



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