Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Life with Boys

I never knew this life would be so full of wonder, and noise and confusion and loud. I never how much I would be tumbled upon and above and under. swinging of arms and legs. ninja chops. Ducking blows. Hanging on my arms around my elbows.

I never knew how my heart would be so full. Of tender whispers. And deafening yells. Cries of indignation. and joy. Noises of all kinds. Burps... and "bottom burps" and all sorts of disgusting noises that I can't put into words. Shouts of triumph. Laughter over flatulence. Silly jokes. Boisterous cacophony.

Wiping tears. Wiping bottoms. Scraped knees. Paper cuts. Splinters. First Aid kit... in the car, at home, in my purse. Doctor's office. X-ray. Splint. Referral to specialist.

Eyes eager to please. Flash of anger. Spark of Curiosity.  Quick obedience or reluctant dragging of feet.

In my washing machine and dryer I find rocks, and pebbles. Sand. Legos.
On the floor is dirt and dust and cereal along with a plethora of pieces of randomness... boardgame piece, magformer, rubber band, star wars figurine.

 Full of motion. Swinging. Climbing. Digging. Burying. Unearthing. exploring.

Change, change, change. Change of clothes, again. Change of attitude. Change of expectations.

A life never dull.

Flexibility always required.

Wouldn't change it for anything.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Peter- 6 years!

Six years ago I gave birth to my 5th baby. Samuel, age 4, was getting treatment for cancer at the neighboring children's hospital. The twins were 2 and Libby had just turned 6. I was technically on "bedrest" due to prior early term labor issues.

Peter was ushered on to the scene November 7th and brought tremendous joy. In the midst of deep trial and heartache hear came this lump of love. It was a reminder of God's tremendous love for us... and a cause for hope.

I am so thankful to God for each child that I have been given. And I'm thankful that His timing is perfect. That He knows what we need for each moment. And He knew that Peter was needed for such a time as this.

I still remember nursing Peter on the bed and holding a puke bucket for Samuel to throw up in. I was holding new life in my arms and sitting next to a child who was incredibly sick, for all purposes dying.

I still marvel at the miracles God has done in Samuel. I'm amazed that he is alive and thriving... what a gift. And I also am so incredibly grateful that God brought incredibly joy in the midst of such difficult circumstances.

I have loved seeing the boy that Peter has become: funny, sweet and tender-hearted. He had genuine tears yesterday for accidentally hurting someone at church yesterday. He's having to learn his own power and strength... but I'm thankful that although built sturdy his heart and nature is gentle, like his Papa's.

Happy Birthday Peter Joel! We love you and are so thankful that God gifted us with you!!!