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Sometimes I just hate distance. I wish I could keep all my dear friends close by... instead of across the state, country, over the ocean, or around the world.

Can you all just move closer to me?

Thank God we will be together in Heaven. It makes me happy.

I miss you Kelsey!


Sometimes there's nothing like a lolly.

(Pics taken in January 2010)

Mind the Bump.

Feeling pregnant. I mean I know I'm over halfway there at 22 weeks but recently I just really feel it. Now yeah, I've been sick and dizzy and have to go to the bathroom FREQUENTLY, etc. but now it's that round firm tummy that reminds me, "Yep. You're really pregnant girl."

I just visited a very dear friend of mine who just had her first baby. A beautiful, healthy girl. I was smitten as soon as I laid eyes on her. Little Simone was wrapped in blankets her hair was soft and beautiful and dark... and her little blueberry eyes were active and interested in all around her. What a dolly.

As I stood rocking her I imagined, "what if this pregnancy is different? What if I get to hold him after I give birth? What if he's not strapped down with tubes protruding everywhere? What if he comes home without the accessories of an apnea monitor, oxygen or feeding tube? What if he's healthy? What if he's full-term..." It all seems unreal and dreamlike to me.…

Some words.

Days are long and hard. Hmmm... what do you expect when you have a lot of little ones with lots of "little" needs.

"holdie! Holdieeeeee" Ian shrieks at me... as if stuck on a repeat button.

Libby, "Mommy, can you change her dress again. Can you put the dolls dress on the hanger. Mommy are you resting again?!"

"I want Nilk. Mommy, can I have some nilk? Nilk please????" Samuel.

"Eeeeee. Eeee. Mama." Michael bellows.

Kick. Kick. Kick. The little one within is telling me hi... or something.

Yesterday was a wild and fun day. I took the kids to the Y. I worked out in the pool, another water aerobics class. Grabbed a shower and dressed. Took the kids to Harris Teeter bought yogurt, applesauce and some muffins. We ate lunch at Barnes and Noble and the kids played at the train table for a while as I read Libby barbie princess books.

Ready to collapse when we got home. But it was the good kind of exhaustion. The one where you still have a smile on your…
We received unexpected blessings yesterday! Thanking God for provision. He is Good!

Picture Perfect 4th.

If I was on staff, writing for Martha Stewart's Living Magazine or a Better Homes and Garden's writer for the 4th of July I would have been in heaven yesterday. Talk about a picture perfect event.

Mike and I drove to the Northern Neck of VA yesterday for a family reunion. I had the kids decked out in red, white and blue. We arrived to a beautiful home by the River and enjoyed a fun day of eating, swimming, and boating. The kids had a blast. Everything was amazing to look at. Beautiful day.

I was struck by the coordinating 4th of July theme. The red, white and blue cups, napkins, plates, balloons, pin-wheels in a vase of M&M's. Star decorated cookies. And little American flag hacky-sack balls. It was really cute.

The great thing was I was too busy enjoying it to take a single picture. I enjoyed getting to see Mike's family... it had been some years since we had the opportunity to see them.

I had home-made peach ice-cream... out of this world.

The kids left tired but ha…

Tough questions and a trip to the ER

I was awoken just shortly after 5 this morning. We got a call and thought something was wrong. Thankfully nothing was up but the phone had been pressed early in the a.m. and we were the recipients. All is well.

But Libby had been slapping and kicking me for most of the night and Samuel was begging for a "bar" to eat.

So I find myself up, unable to go back to sleep. The mist is rising over the pond and dew is still on the ground.

I thought I'd have time in the quietness of this morning to write...but just as I sit down at my computer I am interrupted by a little, "Hello, Mama." Samuel has come to join me at the table and is working on a puzzle.

I came down bleary eyed and practically stumbling. I open the fridge... I don't even know why and glance at a bowl of freshly picked tomatoes from the garden. I close it. I stroke the leaves on my lamb's ear plant which always comforts me.

Currently I am being serenaded by my four-year olds rendition of "Twinkle,…