Some words.

Days are long and hard. Hmmm... what do you expect when you have a lot of little ones with lots of "little" needs.

"holdie! Holdieeeeee" Ian shrieks at me... as if stuck on a repeat button.

Libby, "Mommy, can you change her dress again. Can you put the dolls dress on the hanger. Mommy are you resting again?!"

"I want Nilk. Mommy, can I have some nilk? Nilk please????" Samuel.

"Eeeeee. Eeee. Mama." Michael bellows.

Kick. Kick. Kick. The little one within is telling me hi... or something.

Yesterday was a wild and fun day. I took the kids to the Y. I worked out in the pool, another water aerobics class. Grabbed a shower and dressed. Took the kids to Harris Teeter bought yogurt, applesauce and some muffins. We ate lunch at Barnes and Noble and the kids played at the train table for a while as I read Libby barbie princess books.

Ready to collapse when we got home. But it was the good kind of exhaustion. The one where you still have a smile on your face at the end of it.

We got some sad news today. Aleya's grandfather passed away last night. She will be flying to Idaho to attend the funeral. Will you please be praying for her. I hope we can provide some kind of comfort for her. She's so dear to us!

Okay, on a mini date with Mike so I better go and enjoy it.


Anonymous said…
Nothing like a cold glass of Nilk...

Seems like you had a great day with the kids. :)

Miss you,


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