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I love my life.

It's at times intense, overwhelming, and challenging, but never boring but I love it. It's full but I love what I do. I love being a mom to 5 brilliant, bright, beautiful and bold babes! I love teaching them at home. I love getting to meet new people. I love growing healthier. I love learning new things. I love writing. And I'm loving my home-based business!

It's been a long time I feel like I could say I love my life. It's been hard for a long time... and in many ways that hardness hasn't changed. We still deal with special needs. We still are managing trying finances, we still live in a house where there are too many bugs, a broken dishwasher, a half working dryer, a leak in Libby's ceiling and the car is in the auto shop... We still have brokenness and disagreements. I still face grief every day with the loss of my sister and nephew.... with the loss of what my life would have been. Mike travels for work and is gone a lot and then there…