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Learn to Look the Other Way

You know you do it... so do I. You look at someone else's pictures or facebook status or blog and you find yourself comparing. Either their life is way better than yours or yours is better than theirs. You're jealous because they did something with someone else... they went to the beach/concert/mall/party, etc. without you. They look better or not as good as you. They said something funny or smart or cute... Your baby is prettier than theirs. Your hair color is not as nice as hers.

Their vacation plans blow yours out of the water. Their grandchildren live close to them. Yours don't. They have money. You have more money. You're cooler. They're way more cooler.

Comparison. Don't get caught in that pit. Whether it's facebook or pinterest or blogging or flipping through a magazine- GUARD YOUR HEART! It is the wellspring of life. Comparing leads to pride. It leads to judging. It leads to all sorts of problems. So if it's a problem... don't do it. Don'…

All in a Day's Work.

I love it when people ask me what I do all day. Here's a normal day without sickness. or extra craziness. etc.

I got up at 5:45. ( I slept in 10 minutes. Totally worth it)
Got dressed in exercise clothes.
Brushed teeth.
Made Libby's Lunch.
Made Samuel's lunch.
Made Michael's lunch.
Packed each backpack.
Refilled water cups.
Fixed their breakfast.
Mike took kids down to the bus.
Ian got up.
Fixed Ian's breakfast.
Made Mike's energy drink. Filled up his water "jug" for work. Made him coffee.
Packed Mike's food for the day: 2 whole wheat pita sandwiches, cottage cheese with strawberries, salad with feta, walnuts, grapes & strawberries. Packed his protein powder in manageable containers. Packed his shaker. Packed almonds. Protein Bars. Gatorade drink mix.
Made my food for the day: whole wheat pita sandwich, salad, protein drink, protein bars. Jug of water, chai latte.
Gathered Peter's food: cut up strawberries, grapes, container of yogurt…

The Love of a Mystery.

Ever since I can remember I've been reading.

I love to read. My parents way of punishing me was taking away my books or forcing me to turn out my lights. On vacation I'd read ten books at a time. I had stocked up from the library for the trip and my parents were constantly trying to drag me away from them to participate in family events. I used to stay up with a flashlight reading on into the night until the lines became blurry and I eventually couldn't distinguish words.

One of my favorite genres of books is mystery. I think I've read every single Nancy Drew book out there. I read the Bobsey Twins. I read Hardy Boys. And so many more. I love trying to figure out the who-done-it. I think my mind likes to try and solve problems and mysteries. As much as I thrill at figuring out who did it before the end I respect the books all the more when you can't guess who it is til the end.

As I got older it turned into Sherlock Holmes and other sorts of great criminal-detectiv…

Fear of Failing... and why it's killing me.

I don't think I realized how deep my fear of failing is until recently.

Mike and I had been going through this discussion of whether or not we should keep Penny (our dog). She had been really difficult with potty training but that was expected. It was her biting the kids that was a persistent and worsening issue.

I came to realize that part of my adamant reason for wanting to keep her was because I was afraid I failed if I gave her up. I was equating my success with being able to train a puppy. I was wanting to impress people... see, I have five small children and a puppy. I can do it.

I didn't want to give up. I didn't want to quit. I didn't want to let it go. I read online. I gathered resources from the library. I tried. We were going to have a professional help us with training the dog...

But, before it went that far my parents found someone who wanted Penny. A deaf man had really become quite taken with that little bundle of love, energy, and bite. I knew it would …

Being Stood Up.

I'm sure no one likes being stood up. I know I don't. Well, this past week, not once, twice, but THREE times I have done a "no-show". 

First- baby shower for my editor of a magazine I write for.... Went to bed and just as I was about to turn out the light I realized... Oh no! The shower was tonight! Not only was I disappointed to not bless my friend... but I missed out on Cheesecake Factory.

Second- Bridal shower for my cousin-to-be. I had been anticipating this shower since I received the invitation. Present cutely wrapped. Wearing a cute dress, red high-heels, make-up and I fixed my hair. When lo and behold I discovered at 1:30 that the shower was not at 3 that afternoon but was at 10:30 in the morning. Missed it completely!

Third- I was supposed to be at home for a meeting. Weeeeellll... I got a couple texts the night before and was asked to meet with my friend and then later my cousin. I was so excited I forgot someone was coming to my house... So she showed up an…

Mother's Day.

My Mom and I don't look alike. She's fair, blonde and petite and very cute. I'm tall, freckled and brunette. 
My Mom might appear to most as an ordinary woman but she's not. She's pretty amazing. She has raised three children. She has been married almost 34 years. My mom's a teacher.

My mom teaches children with autism. She has put up with kids biting, kicking, scratching, screaming, and trying to hurt her. And she LOVES those kids.

She has supported me for as long as I can remember. I remember an awards ceremony where I wasn't picked. She helped me blow it off by taking me out to a special lunch and a shirley temple. I thought I was big stuff.

My Mom wrote notes in my lunchbox. She asked me how my day was. She came to my games in highschool and my plays. She watched me perform dozens of skits and musicals at home with my siblings and cousins. My mom is thoughtful.

My mom loves Jesus. She loves spending time with Him. Reading the Word. Going to Bible studi…

Me & Peej

Peter and I have had the morning to ourselves. He has been a grumpy cling monster which fortunately is very UNcharacteristic of him. In fact he's wailing so bad right now I can't even right more. So there you go. That's how my day rolls.

"Whenever I think I've finally made it I find another hurdle to jump." Quoted by Me.