The Love of a Mystery.

Ever since I can remember I've been reading.

I love to read. My parents way of punishing me was taking away my books or forcing me to turn out my lights. On vacation I'd read ten books at a time. I had stocked up from the library for the trip and my parents were constantly trying to drag me away from them to participate in family events. I used to stay up with a flashlight reading on into the night until the lines became blurry and I eventually couldn't distinguish words.

One of my favorite genres of books is mystery. I think I've read every single Nancy Drew book out there. I read the Bobsey Twins. I read Hardy Boys. And so many more. I love trying to figure out the who-done-it. I think my mind likes to try and solve problems and mysteries. As much as I thrill at figuring out who did it before the end I respect the books all the more when you can't guess who it is til the end.

As I got older it turned into Sherlock Holmes and other sorts of great criminal-detective stories.

I love Dorothy Sayers "Lord Peter Wimsey" mysteries some of my all-time favorites! I thoroughly enjoy Alexander McCall Smith's, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Novels. Very fun. I love the Father Brown Series by G.K. Chesterton.

But it was only recently I was introduced to Agatha Christie. How I managed to NOT read her my whole life is a sincere puzzle. I think I thought she was a romance writer or something. Shame, shame. But now I've been enjoying a whole litany of books... it's been so wonderful. And who out there doesn't love Miss Marple?!

I also love the series by the husband-wife team who writes under the name of Cleo Coyle. They write a series of Coffee House Mysteries. I love the mystery aspect but I must confess I love the coffee knowledge that they infuse in the stories... as well as the recipes. I really do love coffee! They also write under the name Alice Kimberly under the Haunted Bookshop series. I've never read any of them but I hope to sometime.

I don't like creepy thriller books though (mysteries included). I do get scared pretty easily. Although I did manage to get through Dracula okay when Mike read it out loud. I don't do ghost stories well. Yet murder mysteries are okay.... weird, I know.

Currently reading the Boxcar Children to Libby. Hope to branch her out further as she gets older.

One of my favorite kind of days is when it's rainy and I have nothing to do but snuggle underneath a blanket, drink hot chocolate and read a good book.

Do you have any mystery suggestions? What are your favorites?


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