All in a Day's Work.

I love it when people ask me what I do all day. Here's a normal day without sickness. or extra craziness. etc.

I got up at 5:45. ( I slept in 10 minutes. Totally worth it)
Got dressed in exercise clothes.
Brushed teeth.
Made Libby's Lunch.
Made Samuel's lunch.
Made Michael's lunch.
Packed each backpack.
Refilled water cups.
Fixed their breakfast.
Mike took kids down to the bus.
Ian got up.
Fixed Ian's breakfast.
Made Mike's energy drink. Filled up his water "jug" for work. Made him coffee.
Packed Mike's food for the day: 2 whole wheat pita sandwiches, cottage cheese with strawberries, salad with feta, walnuts, grapes & strawberries. Packed his protein powder in manageable containers. Packed his shaker. Packed almonds. Protein Bars. Gatorade drink mix.
Made my food for the day: whole wheat pita sandwich, salad, protein drink, protein bars. Jug of water, chai latte.
Gathered Peter's food: cut up strawberries, grapes, container of yogurt, z-bar, goldfish, sippy cup.
Drank my energy (pre-workout) drink.
Lifted weights. (40 minutes)
Changed into presentable clothes.
Got Peter up. Got him dressed. Gathered diapers, passies, food, chai, water, sippy cup, purse, and IEP notes.
Drove to Grassfield (30 minutes) in rain (downpour!)
Got Peter out of car into school. Both of us wet even with an umbrella. stroller drenched. Chai everywhere (including the front of my shirt) 7 minutes late: 9:07 a.m.
Used paper towels to pat down me, the stroller, Peter, etc.
Fed Peter breakfast during IEP meeting.
Went over PT, OT, & Speech Goals. Discussed concerns and progress Michael is making. Signed a lot of papers.
Took Peter back to the car. Fold up stroller. Give him bar and sippy cup.
Drive to Panera Bread.
Meet with some ladies. 10 a.m.
Bounce Peter. Console Peter. Rock Peter. Give Peter half my oatmeal. Get encouraged by my friend.
Drink protein drink. Drink 1/2 gallon of water.
Use the bathroom 3 times while there!
Peter falls asleep on me. Leg goes completely numb.
Leave Panera.
Drop off overdue library item.
Get Gas for the car.
Eat my sandwich in the car. Glad I added spinach... yum!
Meet up with my attendant at Starbucks. 1:30 Get kids cookies. Take Michael from her. Give her Peter to take home. Put Michael in the car.
Take Michael to speech therapy. 2 p.m.
Get Michael out of the car in the rain.
Work on speech for an hour with Michael.
Put Michael back in the car while raining.
Eat salad in car.
Take Michael out of the car in the rain.
Go into Target. Eat my protein bar while shopping.
 Buy whole milk, soy milk, lactose free milk, graham crackers, and Samuel's chocolate Z bars.
Convince Michael after 10 minutes to stop being a puppy (crawling all over the floor of the store)
Put Michael back in the car while, yes, still raining.
Take Michael out of the car.
Unload groceries, sippy cups, used protein shaker bottles, coffee-to-go cups.
Unload dishwasher.
Reload dishwasher.
Wash left-over dishes by hand.
Make vanilla protein pancakes for dinner. 5 p.m.
Clean up dinner.
Direct kids to clean up their toys in the playroom.
Set-up Michael and Samuel's feeding tubes.
Clean boys' bedrooms AGAIN! Find random wrappers and discarded trash. Sullied diaper. Gum wrappers. And so much more...
Change diapers.
Put Samuel and twins clean folded clothes away.
Put away dirty clothes.
Kids brush teeth.
Read two bedtime stories.
Mike comes home.
Peter's put to bed.
Collapse in my bed
Libby has story read to her.
Talk to Mike for an hour. He leaves for mtg.
And I check my voicemails, e-mails.
Send a few e-mails.
Made my to-do list for tomorrow.
Get lunches prepped for tomorrow.
Have all kids clothes set for tomorrow morning.
Time for bed. (9:40 p.m.)
Going to brush teeth and get pj's on...

I'm sure there's a lot more than that but it's the gist. In between is kissing boo-boos, sighing, correcting, praying, talking, laughing, singing, dancing, groaning, teaching, cleaning, hoping, and now time for resting...


Jessica Rockey said…
Standing ovation... with slow, even paced CLAP. CLAP. CLAP.

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