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Ian's Photoshoot.

This was the photo shoot of Ian. It was so fun just taking pictures of him in his diaper.

Michael's Photo Shoot.

I have hundreds of amazing pictures of the boys. Here are some of my favorite of Michael.

Baby Contest.

I was flipping through a parenting magazine and just for fun I entered a “beautiful baby” contest. Here were the two pictures I chose. Unlikely that with all the people entering that we would win, but if we were to, the top winner gets $125,000 towards their college education. Sweet deal, isn’t it. The first four runners up get $25,000 and that’s nothing to sneeze at.


So, another interesting week has begun. I managed to fall down the stairs on Friday. Whoo-hoo, that’s embarrassing. I had my slippers on and was talking to Libby and I just felt my foot slip and boom, boom, boom down the stairs. Smacked the back of my head and gave myself a few good bruises.

Libby threw up on Saturday again so that + the combination of me falling down the stairs meant = no church.

I’ve been a little crazy not having internet access at home. Working on that (my attitude that is). I think having only one car and then no internet makes me feel like I’m really trapped and isolated. Well, that’s the way it used to be for people: only one car and no internet. It’s amazing what we take for granted and selfishly demand as a right and an expectation.

I have been enjoying the time at home. I have found a personal attendant for Michael’s waiver who is helping us with the kids and she is amazing! A true gift from God. I’m amazed at how much she has blessed us with her hard w…


What I've been Reading:

Mike's been reading out loud (by my request) This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence by John Piper. It's brought up some interesting conversations.

I've also been reading a variety of books. One book I picked up to read yesterday and am about halfway through is Free to Be Me: A journey through fear to freedom by Betty Robinson. My mom gave it to me to read and it has Beth Moore giving a blurb on the cover. That's always a plus. I've been pleasantly surprised that it's not a "how-to" book but instead this woman's story. I look forward to reading the rest.

(My cover is different it has a butterfly on the cover)

But I must confess that one of my absolute favorite reads is the following:
*************Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson ************

I will forewarn you it's over a whopping 800 Pages! it looks very intimidating... but it's SO WELL WRITTEN. I love how she …
So, Samuel ended up getting sick again. Throwing up in the night. Fun. But it has now passed. Libby had to go to CHKD on Monday. The doctor's office was concerned that she was seriously dehydrated. She was given an anti-nausea medicine and a special slushee. She recovered well. Miraculously the ER was not busy when we were present. PTL!

I've been realizing my dependency on the internet lately. Not having it at home has unearthed many frustrations. Hmmm. Wonder what I'm worshipping? I do love being able to e-mail and post on my blogs or and the ability to look up a number at any moment or look up anything... blah, blah, blah. Maybe it's good we don't have it at home. Maybe I need this little "fast" from the internet.

I'm just finishing my second hat. It's for one of the boys. I hope to post a picture when it's complete. Okay, it's done. Now I just need some scissors.

My days have left me feeling out of sorts. I…

Fall excursion.

Martha with Libby and Samuel.
A huge pumpkin (no, it's not real)
Libby and Abigail
a taste of fall
two sweet donkeys.
the cat
shoe missing in the hay...
two shoes, one was lost but now is found...
on the hayride...

One of my favorite memories this past Fall was an outing we took to a Pumpkin Patch with Libby's school. We went on a hayride of course but also had a blast jumping in hay, admiring the animals and picking out pumpkins. Martha, my mother-in-law got to go with us and it made for a fun party.

One of the humorous parts of the day was when Libby managed to lose her shoe, a hot pink croc and we spent 40 minutes searching for it. I was covered with straw by the end and very red and sweaty and itchy. What a time. But it was finally recovered. I understood the expression, " a needle in a haystack" better.

A calm moment.

Samuel threw up once again all over our bed. He just can't seem to fully kick this bug.

I'm getting ready to depart for an overnight crop. (scrapbooking) My friend and I are going to a hotel at the beach and are meeting up with a bunch of other ladies to scrapbook til we drop. I can't wait.

My bags are packed and I'm sitting writing in Starbucks waiting for my ride. Our internet hasn't been functioning at home.

One of the things I've been trying to gain control over is how much I let my emotions/feelings control me. There are times and situations when I'm more vulnerable and susceptible than other times. I'm trying to submit my feelings to God and let Him take control of me. I want to let God rule me completely. Sometimes there's a flurry of emotion: anger, happiness, frustration, sadness, grief, jealousy, and in those moments I need to trust that God is still God, to not act on how I feel but on TRUTH, and to also know that "This too s…
Samuel's feeling better. He's no longer lethargic and sleeping everywhere. He still can't go to school because he's not completely normal yet, but he's on the mend!

Samuel's Bug.

Samuel is sick with a tummy bug and it's working itself on both ends. Poor baby! He is not himself! Please be praying!

Mike has been amazing and taking care of so much! Thank you super man!

Times past...

I'm working on scrapbook pictures and enjoying looking at the pictures that come up. Being in Charlotte reminds me of times past... like when we broke down. Here are some pics from THAT event. A reminder to be thankful that it's not the case this time.

We had fun playing "racing" games, eating snacks and enjoying the sunshine in spite of the difficulties of the day.