I WILL trust you Jesus!

I'm back in Charlotte. Having had my dear Alexis for a few days I have now brought her back to her home and am enjoying the company of her whole family.

I can hardly believe that I'm saying this BUT... we made it without incident. Unbelievable! No broken-down cars. No crazy kids. Just a smooth trip with mild fussiness right before a break.

Thank you Jesus!

I've had a rough headache for the past few hours but it's just now seemed to dissipate. Yay. I had the most delicious meal tonight of teriyaki chicken, stir-fried broccoli, carrots, and zucchini, and garlic potatoes. Thank you Laura. It's so nice to have great food without having to prepare it.

I'm tucked in bed for the evening, having just completed my first knitted hat, and am reflecting on God.

I read something recently that was provoking to me. The challenge was that whenever anything happens (particularly challenges, hardships, struggles, etc.) choose to say "I trust you Jesus." I was really struck by that. It goes on to explain how it fixes our eyes on HIm... it's worded so beautifully I'll have to get the excerpt when I'm back home. It was something that spoke to me though personally. I think the extra word I would add is "will". I think I want to say, "I WILL trust you Jesus." I am reminded by saying that this is a choice I'm making. I am willing myself to do this.

I want to trust Jesus when the "sky is falling" in my life. I want my hope to be in HIm.

Lately, I have been looking too far ahead. If I look at my immediate situation I can see God's hand at work. I can see the small and large miracles. But if I look too far towards the future I become fearful and panic. I see darkness. I doubt. I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of our situation.

I want to fix my eyes on Jesus and be in the moment He has placed me in. I want to savor every good thing He has given me... whether it's a treat at Starbucks or a new air filter for the car. I want to rejoice and be thankful for all the ways He loves me and blesses me and provides for me.

I was driving today (on my long trip) and felt a prompting in my spirit to slow down. I did and within a couple miles later there was a police officer waiting to pull someone for speeding. I felt like God was just saying, "Here honey let me save you a $150 ticket." Things like that are worth praising God over. I am thankful that He cares about those things.

I was blessed with several gift cards for Starbucks this Christmas. I was able to get a drink with Libby yesterday and have a little date with her!

Mike and I also had some wonderful time together recently. It was productive as we talked through some things but it was also a lot of fun. I love falling more in love with my husband.

Yes, there are many times I am tempted to be discouraged. I want to get "over" this tough season that has seemed to last so long. And yet, I pray that while I am in it that I can glean everything I can out of it. That I would see every hardship as an opportunity to grow, to trust God more, to build my character, and to understand that He is at work in spite of what I see.

Life is stressful. It has been challenging and stretching. Do I always wear a smile? No. Do I always respond kindly and well? NO! But my Saviour is faithful even when I am not. His goodness is more than enough for me. His compassions they fail not. His love is abounding. His patience is incredible. My hope is in HIm and what He Has done and what He WILL do. I don't look at my own ability to perform or on my own good works but I look at the perfect work of Christ... that is what I point back to! That is where my joy comes from. It's not anything I've done but what He's done.

So these have been my recent reflections. I hope the next time I'm tempted to despair I will instead choose to say, "I WILL TRUST YOU JESUS!"


Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
So much of what you said in this blog hit home. I need to look at what God is doing not what he's not doing. Uncle Bobby has been gone 3 weeks visiting his family in Atlanta, David (his brother)and Julie are divorcing after 25 yrs. Sandra-his sister's husband Allen,has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We have a trial coming up and it overwhelms me sometimes. HE HAS BEEN WONDERFUL TO ME with all my back pain and surgeries. Waiting on me hand and foot, having to pick up everything I drop because i'm still not supposed to bend even tho it will be a yr. Jan. 28th. Dr said it could take up to another yr. to heal completely. But I am doing very very well and I don't have the almost unbearable pain that I had. Thank God!!! I'm fighting depression because I want to sleep and escape having to think about dec.26th last year. If your Mom has not said anything tell her she is free to share it all with you. I love you and your family and pray often. I'm trying to spend some prayer time in just listening to Him and being in His presence. Well, It is officially past my bedtime so I must go for now!!Auntie Barb

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