Fall excursion.

Martha with Libby and Samuel.
A huge pumpkin (no, it's not real)
Libby and Abigail
a taste of fall
two sweet donkeys.
the cat
shoe missing in the hay...
two shoes, one was lost but now is found...
on the hayride...

One of my favorite memories this past Fall was an outing we took to a Pumpkin Patch with Libby's school. We went on a hayride of course but also had a blast jumping in hay, admiring the animals and picking out pumpkins. Martha, my mother-in-law got to go with us and it made for a fun party.

One of the humorous parts of the day was when Libby managed to lose her shoe, a hot pink croc and we spent 40 minutes searching for it. I was covered with straw by the end and very red and sweaty and itchy. What a time. But it was finally recovered. I understood the expression, " a needle in a haystack" better.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful picture of Faf with the kids. Fun times. Miss you.


Lizzy said…
love the last pic especially of Samuel's apprehensive little expression...cute!

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