So, Samuel ended up getting sick again. Throwing up in the night. Fun. But it has now passed. Libby had to go to CHKD on Monday. The doctor's office was concerned that she was seriously dehydrated. She was given an anti-nausea medicine and a special slushee. She recovered well. Miraculously the ER was not busy when we were present. PTL!

I've been realizing my dependency on the internet lately. Not having it at home has unearthed many frustrations. Hmmm. Wonder what I'm worshipping? I do love being able to e-mail and post on my blogs or and the ability to look up a number at any moment or look up anything... blah, blah, blah. Maybe it's good we don't have it at home. Maybe I need this little "fast" from the internet.

I'm just finishing my second hat. It's for one of the boys. I hope to post a picture when it's complete. Okay, it's done. Now I just need some scissors.

My days have left me feeling out of sorts. I'm trying to clean-up and organize but just feel tired. I realize being up with sick kids takes it out of you. Sometimes it's just good to rest.

Well, I will try and pre-post for you. I love that you can save posts and have them post later. So, I will try and do a couple... for those who are truly bored and desperate :) ha ha ha.


Anonymous said…
"Sometimes it's just good to rest."

Dear friend, I am taking one moment to remind you of something you just wrote. Please take care to remember this. It is an excellent statement and one that should be repeated and applied liberally, in your case... dear hard-working and multi-tasking friend. ;)

Still praying. I'm sorry for the extended illness.

Love you all SO much.


Anonymous said…
Yes dear one...."sometimes it's just good to rest" and unhook from busy handed activity. Sometimes it's more important to just "be" than to "do". Rest.... XOXOXO

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