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Um, still sick.

So Ian got sick on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I got a call from the school. Michael had gotten sick... all over his classroom including on a teacher and a fellow class-mate. So I had one kid throwing up in the car on the way to get the kid throwing up at school. Yes, that fun.

Samuel started throwing up later that night. Michael and Samuel had fevers all day yesterday. Today Michael and Samuel are still at home sick.

Wild days.

Worst part, but most comical of the day....

This is not for everyone. Do not read if you get sick easily or are eating. You have been forewarned. If you feel brave... read on.

Kids are screaming, "Peter's going to throw up". Peter is in the living room. I yell, "Peter come here. Let's throw up in the bathroom."He's running. He is close. Gets to the kitchen and throws up everywhere. We're talking chunks people. Then he slips and falls in it. Smack his head. Crying. Covered in throw up I'm gently dragging him to the bathroom to finish throwing up in the toilet bowl. I then proceed to shower him off in the bathroom.

He's finally done throwing up. He's finally clean. I check out myself. Covered in throw up. I didn't even notice. Was so focused on  my violently ill 3 year old.

It feel like a scene straight from a  comedy movie. Unfortunately, cleaning up the kitchen floor for a half hour is the reality that you don't get in a movie.

Motherhood. Need I say more????

When Life Happens...

So today was supposed to be two dentist appointments at 11 and Libby's musical program tonight. Unfortunately Libby started throwing up at 6:30 a.m. and Peter joined her an hour later. C'est la vie.

It's so funny how we think we have some actual control over this thing called life. Such an illusion. Learning to be flexible and have to change my plans, agendas,  motives, and hopes has been a continual learning process for me.

Letting go of all I thought today would be and allowing God to truly direct my steps is the prayer of my heart. Breathing in and out. Trusting Jesus is greater than my need for control.

Lord, help me with today. Give me strength. Peace. Clarity. Direction. Help me love my sick children well and comfort the disappointments due to unexpected and unforseen events. All for your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Hoping in the Wrong Things…

I had been excited. Very excited. It felt as though our dreams were coming true. My husband and I have been looking in Norfolk at homes for the past 6 months. And we found “the one”. The right amount of rooms, bathrooms, location and under budget. Sweet. This was it.
We’ve been checking it out online and last week we went and saw it in person. Super cute and quirky. I like quirky. It’s not traditional. Built in 1908. But a brand new updated kitchen to boot. This was it.
We filled out the application. Got all the paperwork and documents in order. We even got our cashiers check…. Only to find out that morning that the house has been rented. Something they failed to mention to us.
Our response: seriously disappointed, verging on heartbroken.

It was more than just a feeling of “bummer, it didn’t work out”… it was more like, “Why God? Why can’t anything good happen to us? Why do things never seem to work out?” I know, I know. I sound like an Israelite in the desert with God providing lef…

Efficiency, Productivity and Other False gods I worship.

I don't know if you get caught in the same traps that I do.

I find myself quickly getting upset, annoyed and agitated when my efficiency is thrown off.

If I'm not going the most direct route to get somewhere. If I'm wasting time or money or expending any additional energy than what it takes to do something. If I lose my potential to gain something... dang, that coupon expired. If I had paid the bill early I could have saved 10 bucks. God forbid I run my errands in a way that takes longer.

I tend to base my day, and my feeling and emotions about myself on how productive I've been.

I got X amount of laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, meal-making, etc. done.
I caught up on bills, administrative tasks and medical appointments.
I finished all those things that have been threatening me and looming over my head.
So therefore, I'm high as a kite.

I base my wellness on what I've accomplished, gotten done, finished, etc.

Now, efficiency and productivity are well and goo…

Samuel is 8!

Samuel is 8. I can hardly believe it. When he was diagnosed with cancer at 4 I remember realizing what a miracle it would be for him to make it to 5. and here we are. 4 birthdays later. Thank you Jesus!

Samuel I love the creative, imaginative mind you have. I love the way you experiment and create. You are quite the inventor.

And even though Papa is my big Valentine. You are one of my favorite five little "Valen-TIME" as you put it.

I love you. So proud of the way you have persevered through cancer treatment, radiation, through suffering and hardship. The way you love others. The way you are compassionate. And I love the way you love Jesus. I love the letters you write to God. They are precious to my heart.

Son. I am so grateful to God for giving me the gift of you Samuel Augustine!

The Norfolk Move.

Some of you know and some of you don't know about Mike's and my plan to move to Norfolk. We are part of a church plant that is happening in Norfolk, VA. We also have a desire to be part of a community. A place where all aspects of our life converge around one small area.

We are accustomed to driving all over the "world" or so it feels like. Our average drive time to get to most places is usually 30 minutes. And it's not uncommon for almost all medical appointments to be an hour away. And seeing as we have medical appointments booked for almost every day of the week this gets to be a little nuts. It's not uncommon for us to drive 2-4 hours a day. I know it sounds extreme but it's true. Mike works at the ocean front and if he hits traffic it can take him an hour and a half to drive home at times.

That said our hope in moving to Norfolk is to live, work, shop, play, and study all in one area...

Our plan is to move next month. As things stand currently this s…

Happy Valentine's Day


Hearing gone bad...

Samuel's hearing has been super bad lately. His hearing aid hasn't seemed to help a lick. I've been concerned. Thankfully our audiologist is a rock star and I could e-mail her. She got me in on a cancellation yesterday and tested Samuel's hearing. He had an extreme amount of fluid in his ear drums.  His hearing was far, far below normal. Explains why he said, "WHAT???" after everything we would say to him.

Double inner ear infections.

Left audiologist in Norfolk to go to pediatricians in Chesapeake. A prescription for amoxicillin in hand and we were good to go.

Hoping this fluid clears up quickly... also hoping that this is the primary reason his hearing is off so significantly. Been holding my breath about his left ear. His right ear has the hearing aid but I feel it won't be long before the left goes.

This is what we call a "late effect". By that I mean the things that result from having had treatment that appear any time from 6 months on to d…

A Taste of Snow (part 2)


A Taste of Snow


Samuel's book

Samuel made a book at the beginning of the school year. 

Dressed for the snow... or not.

So he looked fully dressed to me...

But this is what he was really wearing....

car down

Thankfully the only car (for us) that got stranded in the last snow storm.

Walking with Grandpa


2 of my favorite "vampires"

Kids recently won prizes. They chose Vampire Fangs... Aren't they hilarious?!

snow girl


Peter, hiding in Libby's room.


Picture of Contentment.


Sibling Love.

What brings us so close together? Oh you know. Being stuck in the house for over a week. In all seriousness though, I'm so thankful the way my kids get a long. Not that there isn't noise or arguments or kicking and punching at times, come on, what do you expect with four boys! But in general the love is there. They have each other's backs. They have each other's affection. They're each others best friends.