Monday, February 24, 2014

Worst part, but most comical of the day....

This is not for everyone. Do not read if you get sick easily or are eating. You have been forewarned. If you feel brave... read on.

Kids are screaming, "Peter's going to throw up". Peter is in the living room. I yell, "Peter come here. Let's throw up in the bathroom."He's running. He is close. Gets to the kitchen and throws up everywhere. We're talking chunks people. Then he slips and falls in it. Smack his head. Crying. Covered in throw up I'm gently dragging him to the bathroom to finish throwing up in the toilet bowl. I then proceed to shower him off in the bathroom.

He's finally done throwing up. He's finally clean. I check out myself. Covered in throw up. I didn't even notice. Was so focused on  my violently ill 3 year old.

It feel like a scene straight from a  comedy movie. Unfortunately, cleaning up the kitchen floor for a half hour is the reality that you don't get in a movie.

Motherhood. Need I say more????

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