Samuel is 8!

Samuel is 8. I can hardly believe it. When he was diagnosed with cancer at 4 I remember realizing what a miracle it would be for him to make it to 5. and here we are. 4 birthdays later. Thank you Jesus!

Samuel I love the creative, imaginative mind you have. I love the way you experiment and create. You are quite the inventor.

And even though Papa is my big Valentine. You are one of my favorite five little "Valen-TIME" as you put it.

I love you. So proud of the way you have persevered through cancer treatment, radiation, through suffering and hardship. The way you love others. The way you are compassionate. And I love the way you love Jesus. I love the letters you write to God. They are precious to my heart.

Son. I am so grateful to God for giving me the gift of you Samuel Augustine!

Samuel with Peter


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