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New Year Thoughts..

I can already tell you that this post is going to be short but I wanted to take advantage of internet access and write something. Today is my father-in-law's birthday- Happy Birthday Daddy Mike! tomorrow is my dad's birthday- Happy Birthday Dad! And the next day is New Year's when we'll be driving back to PA.

I was talking with my friend Laura today and she got me thinking... We were talking about the New Year and she was saying that this next year, 2008, would be same-old same-old. She then laughed and said, "but not for you!" I guess next year will be anything but "same-old". My children are doubling. Mike and I are planning on moving back to VA. This is a kind of wild thing. We realize though with potential bed-rest and hospitalizations that I will be needing some help with the kids and a lot of support. I thought about making a statement for people to sign... Those that say they'll help.... let's just get it in writing, Ha ha.

I …

Last picture, I promise...


Some more...


Merry Christmas! These pictures were taken by my friend Amy as a gift for Mike on Christmas... here were a few of my favorites!


Happy Winter!

Mike crawled in bed with me this morning at 4 a.m. Wow... what a guy. He had only 3 hours of sleep the previous night and has finished his two papers and drove, the whole way, with his brother John from PA to VA. I think I've been too excited to sleep after that. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I got up at 5 to check on Samuel and he was sleeping peacefully. Laid on the couch for another hour and a half and listened to the clock chime....

I'm sitting here on this peaceful winter morning watching the sun rise and listening to Roostie, my dad's rooster. It's bizarre to hear the sound of a rooster crow and then I remember where I am. I'm on the "farm" so to speak. My dad has an assortment of chickens and one rooster. They have fish and dogs and birds and a huge pond. You can sit in the oversized plush rocker and watch out the huge bay window and see the trees swaying, the frost on the ground and the birds flying by.

I can hear Samuel upstair…


I'm sitting in my aunt's car outside of Panera, using their internet, typing and crying. Norah Jones is singing "Come Away With Me". This was my sister's song at her wedding. I can still see her and Mike dancing to this song. Damn near breaks my heart. Only a month later I danced with my future husband to this song....the night he proposed. he's still in Philly and I miss him so much.

I've had a wonderful time at the Williams. They've been so helpful with the kids. Feeding us, changing diapers, and letting me get out. The kids love to play with Alexis, Courtney, and Thomas. They're quite entertained!

Why so sentimental you might wonder? I just finished reading my article on Ungrind. You can check it out at The article is called Birthdays with Jesus. I guess i'm just feeling it today. Feeling the brokeness of this world. Aware of things that aren't right.... the things inside me (attitudes, emotions, prejudic…

Before I fall asleep...

It's LATE! Okay, it's not late for all the people in the world but 11:30 is seriously pushing it for me. I'm not really packed but I'm too exhausted to do more. Samuel is coughing over the monitor. It's horrible to hear him like this. He saw the doctor today and she said that he doesn't need to be in the hospital but he doesn't sound as good as he could. I'm feeling stressed about remembering to pack everything we need. All his breathing treatment stuff and such.

I wrote and submitted my article for Ungrind today. it's pretty raw but I'm glad the Lord put it on my heart to share. Look forward to sharing it with you all soon. Also if you haven't you should check out Ungrind. Go to One of the editors is my dear friend Ashleigh. I love this webzine. It's encouraging and refreshing and real.

Feeling nauseous, having heartburn. I don't know what it is but I feel like my belly just popped. It feels a lot big…


This is a couple of shots from her "performance". I wish I could have caught all the times she waved at us and smiled. It was precious.

Barnes & Noble.

About a month or so ago Libby's school had a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble and she performed. It was so cute watching her sing songs.

Good Morning.

Well, it's late morning and here I write sitting perched on my bed. My children are freshly bathed and I'm actually wearing make-up and perfume this morning. No jewelry but I got 2 out of 3 today. One of my goals before the babies come is to start taking care of myself. Things like brushing my hair and wearing make-up. I'm hoping if I make some kind of routine of this that it will be more natural when the twins grace us with their presence.

A lot of people have been asking me (with some trepidation) if I'm okay with having twins. I am more than okay. I am ecstatic. I am also a planner and I like to think way ahead. Like I was thinking about the fact that at some point in my life (God-willing) I will have two 13 year olds, a 14 year old and a 15 year old. Is that crazy or what? I'm also imagining next year at Christmas time with a freshly turned 4 year old, 2 year (almost 3)old, and two 6 or 7 month olds.

I have begged Mike that if we're havinga boy and…

He's so cute.

This is the munchkin before he lost his curls. I just love these pictures. He started crawling around after Libby. Don't you want to bite his cheeks!

Tea with Friends.

One of the highlights for me on my trip to CA in August was having tea with Kelsey and her younger sister Shannon. We went to a superposh teahouse which was seriously overpriced but it was so fun to get to take Shannon out for a proper tea. I enjoyed the flair with which the place was decorated and the little extras like flowers on our sandwich tray. I love going to tea! Let me also mention how absolutely ecstatic I am that I'm going to have Kelsey for a week to myself. She's coming up Jan. 5th and leaves on the 12th. I can't wait to see you Kels!

Quick update.

Samuel is home! We came home Monday afternoon. I'm tired and exhausted as I was up with him at 4 a.m. His cough is still something fierce but the junkiness is gone. Still has a little retraction and a slight wheeze. We follow up with the doctors on Wed. or Thurs. Trying to decide if the kids and I will go back early to VA. Might be nice to see friends and family for a bit and maybe get some R&R. If you didn't get the opportunity check out my china doll listed below the post on the twins. I posted it after the twins but wanted to make sure people got the news...

Birthdays with Jesus.

Well, today wasn't anything of what I expected. All my plans and good attentions went down the drain when Samuel was up coughing all night. We were debating whether or not to take him to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). So this morning, we rushed and dropped off Libby at a friends (Sonya). Mike took me to my specialist appointment and dropped me off and then headed down to take Samuel to the doctor's to get checked out.

I waited almost 2 hours before I saw the ultrasound technician. Mike was finished with Samuel and waiting in the car outside while I was waiting to be seen. Mike said Samuel needed an x-ray at the hospital and was to be checked for pneumonia. I got called back for my ultrasound.

i told the technician that one of the things we were trying to do was to make sure there was just one baby. She asked me how I would feel if I had twins... I told her it would be exciting but my hands are so full with two little ones as it is. She then proceeded. …

My China Doll.

Libby was given a dress from her "Auntie Michelle" in China. I love when she wears it. It's such a beautiful color and the silk is so soft. I especially love the picture of her whispering/kissing Mike. I hope someday we can go and make a trip to China. I would love for my family to experience what I have.

The good and bad.

The good things about today:

My doctors appointment went really well. They even called me to come in earlier than expected. I loved the mid-wife I saw and she was gracious and sympathetic and actually angry that the scheduler didn't get me in sooner. I heard the baby's heartbeat quickly and strongly. My blood pressure was perfect and I've actually lost more weight. I am being sent to a perinatal specialist on Friday where they will do an ultrasound as well as evaluate my high-risk situation. It's for a couple purposes for the ultrasound but one of the reasons is to make sure I'm not having twins.

Libby got to go and be with her teacher today and her kids. she had a good time playing and came home with a peppermint candy cane which she practically inhaled.

I got to talk to my friend Sara from Sweden this afternoon. Good lengthy chat.

My friend Sonya made the most delicious dinner. Chicken with seasonings of some sort, green bean casserole, stuffing, and home-…

Yes friends, the sky is falling.

Well we moved. It happened. We are finished with Penrose and the place was sparkling when we left. I am exhausted and sick and the kids have the croup. Saturday night there was literally only space to walk to our bedroom and to the kids room. a small narrow path...kind of what I imagine the path of righteousness to look like. That narrow. The gap has expanded now and it is more manageable due to a little help by me and a lot by my beloved. The stress is on. Mike has finals this week and next. I took the kids to the doctors yesterday and I head to my OBGYN tomorrow. So yes, finally I will be at the doctors...I must confess a temptation to fear. I'm worried that something is wrong... a very normal fear I am sure. Yet, I'm also worried they won't even know if anything is wrong for another 4 weeks or so (the next appointment) when I actually get an ultrasound.

I'm tired and feel like crap, crap, crap. My throat is sore. I'm sniffly and all I want is to be…

Pictures I love.

This picture was taken earlier in August when we were at the zoo. I love when Samuel lays his head on Mike's shoulder. It's a sweet sight for me. My two precious men.

When It's Hard to Breathe.

Lately I've been finding it hard to breathe. Pregnancy issues... no. Moving related... no. It's grief. I feel like it's swallowing me whole. Everynight for the past week or so I have dreamt about my sister. And there's always a wedding. Someone's wedding. It changes everynight. So sometimes I literally have to stop and take deep breaths. I cried a lot today. I cried over what could have been and what I have lost. I cried over my brother-in-law. I cried for my family. I cried that I am once again having a child that my sister won't meet, hug or snuggle on this side of earth. My throat is sore from all the supressed tears.

Her birthday is next Friday. She would have been 25.

The pain is so deep. I don't think someone could ever understand until they've tasted death. Until it happens to you it doesn't make sense. Sometimes I wonder if this is how it feels for normal people at the end of their life. You start to experience the loss …

Good News.

Okay people, I really should have posted this on Saturday or at least yesterday but things have been busy. We found a new place. It's a 2 bedroom appartment with very limited storage and small living space but so perfect for minimizing and downsizing. It's the right price and the perfect location. I can walk Libby to church which is where school/bible study/church are. I will be looking for some creative storage ideas. One of the great things is that we're renting month to month so when we feel like it's time to move... we can move.

My friend Sonya was over all day helping me pack. She has two kids and needless to say our kids played from 8:30 a.m. till 7 p.m tonight while we packed, packed, and packed. And this saint is coming over tomorrow. She has been such a blessing to me. She provided me a meal for dinner tonight.

Anyway, I want to make sure you all get my new address so please e-mail me and I will send it to you. I'm having issues with my e-mail …

Birthday Blues.

Everytime I see this picture I crack up. This was Libby on her birthday. I think she had too much birthday or something. She was a colorful cutie all day. She even said good-bye to her passy that day. We tied balloons to her passy and she let it go. Anyway, just wanted to share a picture of her day in October.

First Haircut.

Samuel got his haircut. His curls are all gone. My dad cut his hair for me. I think his new cut looks great. I need to get a better picture of it soon.


My little ladybugs have the sweetest smiles. I dressed up Libby and Samuel for Halloween as ladybugs. They didn't go trick-or-treating but were just dressed up for the day. We ended up hanging out on our bed eating popcorn and watching Dumbo.