The good and bad.

The good things about today:

My doctors appointment went really well. They even called me to come in earlier than expected. I loved the mid-wife I saw and she was gracious and sympathetic and actually angry that the scheduler didn't get me in sooner. I heard the baby's heartbeat quickly and strongly. My blood pressure was perfect and I've actually lost more weight. I am being sent to a perinatal specialist on Friday where they will do an ultrasound as well as evaluate my high-risk situation. It's for a couple purposes for the ultrasound but one of the reasons is to make sure I'm not having twins.

Libby got to go and be with her teacher today and her kids. she had a good time playing and came home with a peppermint candy cane which she practically inhaled.

I got to talk to my friend Sara from Sweden this afternoon. Good lengthy chat.

My friend Sonya made the most delicious dinner. Chicken with seasonings of some sort, green bean casserole, stuffing, and home-made rosemary bread (the best ever!) and chocolate cookies... delish.

The rough things:

Feel absolutely horrible.

Had several tearful break-downs.

If someone tells me to rest again I'm going to shove the kids at them and say, okay, now I can rest.

OBGYN thinks I have upper respiratory infection.

Kids still sick, yelling, and difficult.

Mike has finals. We are so stressed and edgy with each other. I think I could die from the stress but am afraid I won't.

I haven't died and I'm not with Jesus.

So there it is the good and bad things. Hope you enjoyed my little summary.


Sarah said…
Hey precious

I am glad your appointment went well, and that there are enough good things right now to make a list.

I am really sorry you are still feeling rough, the kids are still sick, and that finals, sickness, moving and all the other things are coming at a difficult time, and all at once. But at least in listing the tough stuff you are giving us all the specifics to pray for - and know that we are!

I wish I could take your kids out for the afternoon to give you a break, sometimes it sucks being so far away, but I'll be praying for God to send other angels to meet your needs today....

Big hugs from across the Atlantic xxx
Anonymous said…
Prayer is what we are doing. Wish we lived closer to help you out............may His peace reign in your heart today...........and always.......praying for Mike in his exams..........praying for healing for you and the babes........thankful that Mike is with you all and not walking the streets of Bagdad or worse........we have so much to be thankful for.........a new life, most of all our Saviour who knows all these things and is walking with you at all to to Jesus.
love to you all
Michelle said…
Cheers! Yeah! The appointment went well.

The rest of life... well, one step at a time.

Missing you.
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, glad the appointment went well and that you got in earlier.

You're right. It's so much easier for someone to tell us pregnant women with two little kids to rest than it actually is for us to rest. It's just not that easy. At all. I'll be praying for you. While I don't know what it's like to be in your shoes, my emotions are absolutely crazy right now and sanity is hard to find. So I understand the difficulties of that.

Love you!
Wendy said…
Hey!! A heartbeat is quite a relief!! Did they look for two? Hang in there, finals can't last forever, right there are only so many classes he is taking right? So, count them off one at a time and after less than 10 he's done!

So, send me an email and tell me more about the early stuff. Were you early with Libby too?

By the way, I am all for handing the kids to whoever says rest, you could even say thanks so much for your offer!!

Hang in there, in a few weeks you will be in VA (?). or at least looking back feeling much better!

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