Before I fall asleep...

It's LATE! Okay, it's not late for all the people in the world but 11:30 is seriously pushing it for me. I'm not really packed but I'm too exhausted to do more. Samuel is coughing over the monitor. It's horrible to hear him like this. He saw the doctor today and she said that he doesn't need to be in the hospital but he doesn't sound as good as he could. I'm feeling stressed about remembering to pack everything we need. All his breathing treatment stuff and such.

I wrote and submitted my article for Ungrind today. it's pretty raw but I'm glad the Lord put it on my heart to share. Look forward to sharing it with you all soon. Also if you haven't you should check out Ungrind. Go to One of the editors is my dear friend Ashleigh. I love this webzine. It's encouraging and refreshing and real.

Feeling nauseous, having heartburn. I don't know what it is but I feel like my belly just popped. It feels a lot bigger suddenly. I look in the mirror and I'm like, "Whoa! Look out for the pregnant mama." Crazy. I think because of the twins I'm going to get a lot of sympathetic looks a lot quicker... you know the ones... the oh-she-looks-so-uncomfortable kind of look. I've given them myself.

Fun thing today: Samuel's doctor is so pysched that I'm pregnant and went into shock when I told her we're having twins. She turned to Mike and me and said we were the luckiest people in the world. At the end of the appointment she encouraged me to rest, rest, rest, and slow down. I'm laughing and thinking I wish.

Well, maybe in Va I'll get pampered a little bit and catch some extra Z's or watch others chase the kids around :)

We leave tomorrow at noon directly after Mike's final. I don't know if I'll be able to get it all done. There's a lot to unpack in the car (from moving) and a lot to pack up. Sigh. It always feels crazy coming down for the holidays. I need to keep reminding myself that Mike is coming down a week later and can bring stuff then too. He's so amazing. He's out right now studying for his last final. He'll then be working his butt off for the next week to get these papers in. Poor guy... as if moving, sickness, and twins weren't enough... 2 HUGE papers and work. Well, hopefully he'll be undistracted and get it done.

I'm thankful that the papers will be done BEFORE the holidays. That way he can relax and enjoy himself.

i realized I need to buy a planner. I've already made 3 appointments for January and have not put them on a calendar... I must do that. Well, it wil serve me to do that.

It's been interesting seeing Libby express herself. She's extremely talkative, imaginative and expressive. Lately she tells me when she's frustrated and she actually uses the word frustrated. It's been good for her to communicate her feelings so we can talk about it.

Well, really, I do need some sleep. Blessings on you all. I don't know how much I will get to post being out of town. May this time be peaceful and refreshing!


Ashleigh said…
Am praying you remember everything and find time to rest while in VA.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to sharing your article this coming week on Ungrind (the 18th). Everyone get your tissues ready!
Bethany said…
Enjoy your vacation. I hope and pray you get some rest.
hello miss jennifer:-)
so excited for you and mike and the kids...twins, how fun. i am praying for samuel and your time in VA. enjoy, relax...i pray you get some Jen time too:-) maybe jen and mike time too:-) just did an update on my blog is you want to catch-up. plesa give those napiers(all of them) a huge gigantic hug, including the boys. and give Mrs Napier an extra big one from me. I did mail a card to them and am hoping it gets there before ya'll leave so you can see the kids. plesae keep in touch!

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