Good Morning.

Well, it's late morning and here I write sitting perched on my bed. My children are freshly bathed and I'm actually wearing make-up and perfume this morning. No jewelry but I got 2 out of 3 today. One of my goals before the babies come is to start taking care of myself. Things like brushing my hair and wearing make-up. I'm hoping if I make some kind of routine of this that it will be more natural when the twins grace us with their presence.

A lot of people have been asking me (with some trepidation) if I'm okay with having twins. I am more than okay. I am ecstatic. I am also a planner and I like to think way ahead. Like I was thinking about the fact that at some point in my life (God-willing) I will have two 13 year olds, a 14 year old and a 15 year old. Is that crazy or what? I'm also imagining next year at Christmas time with a freshly turned 4 year old, 2 year (almost 3)old, and two 6 or 7 month olds.

I have begged Mike that if we're havinga boy and a girl could I pretty pretty please also get a pink Graco baby car seat. I already have a blue one. Wouldn't that be too cute? It would also help keep people straight :) But who knows maybe we're having two boys or two girls.... although I'm ruling otu the latter because one of the babes during the ultrasound was flashing and it didn't look like female anatomy.

Samuel and Libby are alternatingly munching on honey nut cheerios and wrestling. I'm thinking the kids and I might head back to VA early. Either we'll leave Friday or Monday.

Our home group has been amazing in caring for us and has provided so many meals... and not just mac n'cheese.... last night we were given a fully roasted chicken with potatoes, caesar salad, and a delicious dessert.

Mike and I took a break last night and watched Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix... I was a might bit disappointed. The movies have tended to follow the books but this last movie deviated from the book a lot. cool effects yes... but it lost some of the great parts of the story. Afterwards I was coughing pretty hard. This has been pretty normal for me. I went to the bathroom to use some tissues.... and ended up getting violently ill.... thankfully Mike came to the rescue and held my hair back as I lost dinner and dessert...he helped me into bed and got me a cold cloth and was extremely doting.

I'm feeling fine today but boy, was last night yucky.

Thank God for wonderful husbands!

Well, Libby just bit her finger and Samuel is roaming away. Duty calls. Just a brief update. BTW- Samuel got out of the hospital on Monday afternoon and just finished his steroids last night. he has a follow-up with his doctor tomorrow.


Tess Bush said…
Hi Jennifer!
Congraduations on the TWINS!!!! That is so exciting!! You have really been on my heart a lot and I would love to email you. would you send me your email address mine is!
Be blessed today!!
Michelle said…
Glad you're doing well Jennifer. I picked up some yarns for you to choose from when you are here. I figured that would mean one less thing to do for you.

Sorry you got sick last night but it kinda made me chuckle. Remember when Jessica made you laugh/cough when you were over after my surgery?? It had the same effect -- all over my wood floors.
I don't know what was the most funny. What Jessica said, that you got unexpectedly sick, or that I, the sick one, had to get up to clean it up because Amy and Jessica were so stunned they just sat there and laughed themselves. Poor Jennifer. Let's hope that you have a more peaceful visit this time around. By the way, if you and Mike want to make it an overnighter, you are more than welcome to stay at The Azalea Cottage.
Wendy said…
Hey Jenn,
I was chuckling when I read about you thinking ahead to the 15,14,12 and 12. Charlie and I have often had thoughts like that. His go 16,16,15 and 13 (driving and such) and mine go 13,13,12 and 9 (at least one shouldn't be in the throws of puberty...). LOL. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes!

You go girl with those routines! I can so empathize with you!
Catherine said…

I haven't had time to email you back, but just wanted to say congrats on the news about the new babies!

And yes, I'd love to do tea/coffee if you're free one day while you're in VA.

Jennifer said…
Tess- I will definitely e-mail you!

Michelle- I was just talking to Mike today about you making blankets for the babies! I'm so excited to pick! And could we reserve and book-in-advance an overnight at The Azalea Cottage... it's my absolute favorite place to be...and um, probably where the twins came into existence :) Hope it's not TMI!

Wendy- What are you going to do when you have twins driving?! Aagghh!

Cathy- Would love some time to hang out with you. I will be carless for a week and then will share the car with Mike... but we can work something out :)
Monica said…

Colleen Farley gave me your address to mail something to you and I think that it was your old one. Are you having mail forwarded? I hope so.

Jennifer said…
monica- we had some issues getting mail forwarded but hopefully it's straightened out. We have yet to receive our forwarded mail and our hoping to somehow retriever our old mail from our old home.

Monica said…
I mailed it to you last Friday. I do hope that you get it before you leave for Christmas!! Email Colleen and get my email from her. Thanks
Monica said…
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