I'm sitting in my aunt's car outside of Panera, using their internet, typing and crying. Norah Jones is singing "Come Away With Me". This was my sister's song at her wedding. I can still see her and Mike dancing to this song. Damn near breaks my heart. Only a month later I danced with my future husband to this song....the night he proposed. he's still in Philly and I miss him so much.

I've had a wonderful time at the Williams. They've been so helpful with the kids. Feeding us, changing diapers, and letting me get out. The kids love to play with Alexis, Courtney, and Thomas. They're quite entertained!

Why so sentimental you might wonder? I just finished reading my article on Ungrind. You can check it out at www.ungrind.org The article is called Birthdays with Jesus. I guess i'm just feeling it today. Feeling the brokeness of this world. Aware of things that aren't right.... the things inside me (attitudes, emotions, prejudices, etc.) and the things that are wrong in the world. I guess more or less, "the wrongs done to us and the wrongs we have done".

So if I'm being a bit too drama queen just realize that I've spent almost a week without my honey. Mike is such a rock for me. He gives me fresh perspective. He is logical and compassionate. Thank God I will see him soon! There will be balance soon.

When I'm in VA everything comes back so fresh... the joys, the sorrows, the gains and losses... the friendships that have been broken, the ones that have mended, the ones that have become more distant and the ones that continue to grow in my heart. Such a mixed place.

Libby saw me crying recently and asked me why I was crying. she started to cry too. I told her it's okay, that mommy is sad, but it's okay to be sad. I also talked to her about Jesus being our comforter when we're sad. She wiped the "rainbows" from mommy's eyes and gave a big squeeze. Children are so healing.

Well, off to go get some medicine for another infection.... oh yuck. My body gets so weird when I'm pregnant!

Hope you're well! Take time to relax and spend time with family. Mike and I will be driving the kids to the beach at some point to look at the lights....

"Tears help wash our souls so we can see Jesus better." - Jennifer Napier


Wendy said…
I am sure the double dose of hormones make the tears flow freely too. Merry Christmas friend! Give Laura a big hug for me and those kids of hers.
Ashleigh said…
Am praying for you, friend.
Sara of Sweden said…
Dear friend,
As I read your blog I came to think of this song from the
70s ,the words have lifted my spirit up so many times...

"Love Him in the morning when you see the sun arising,
Love Him in the evening ´cause He took you through the day, and
in the in-between-time when you feel the pressure coming REMEMBER THAT HE LOVES YOU AND THAT HE PROMISES TO STAY!"
Sarah said…
Hey Jennifer Leigh

I wonder if we were crying at the same time... Yesterday was a day like that for me too. And I don't even have the hormone excuse!

Hope you have a wonderful time seeing your husband again - not long now!

And you are no way too drama queen.

Wish I was close enough to give you a great big squeeze - and get one back - but will settle for sending you lots of love through this comment.

Love you lots and hope that this Christmas brings many many blessings for you and the family.


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