New Year Thoughts..

I can already tell you that this post is going to be short but I wanted to take advantage of internet access and write something. Today is my father-in-law's birthday- Happy Birthday Daddy Mike! tomorrow is my dad's birthday- Happy Birthday Dad! And the next day is New Year's when we'll be driving back to PA.

I was talking with my friend Laura today and she got me thinking... We were talking about the New Year and she was saying that this next year, 2008, would be same-old same-old. She then laughed and said, "but not for you!" I guess next year will be anything but "same-old". My children are doubling. Mike and I are planning on moving back to VA. This is a kind of wild thing. We realize though with potential bed-rest and hospitalizations that I will be needing some help with the kids and a lot of support. I thought about making a statement for people to sign... Those that say they'll help.... let's just get it in writing, Ha ha.

I was reading from The Multiples Manual about bed-rest. They were talking about the importance of resting every day, several times a day after reaching 20 weeks even if you're not prescribed bed-rest. I had to resist, I'll keep that in mind as I chase Samuel and Libby around. I think there's a lot of assumptions that if you're pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) that this is your first and last pregnancy. Gulp. What about when it's your third?

The book has a lot of great advice and tips though in it... I'll probably be spouting it off soon. So if I go on bed-rest I'm collecting ideas of what I can do to kill time. Reading. Knitting. Watching movies. Painting my nails. E-mailing. Blogging. Sleeping. Um, yeah. That's nice the first two days.... I almost croaked being on bedrest for 5 weeks...Well, at least this go around I have a blog so I can whine at all of you nice people. And hey, let's believe the best... I might not even need bed rest!

I think my life is about to get really small. By that I mean, I'm wondering if I'll ever leave the house after the kids are born. I know I will eventually but am I going to go crazy? For those who know me you would understand that I'm a mite bit social and can get stir crazy in the house. My goal in moving to Va is to nest like crazy and create this wonderful haven that I want to be in.... and visitors are welcome! I can't guarantee how awake or lively I'll be but I'll be there.

I am a crazy girl sometimes. I have all these fantastic expectations for myself. Like all the Christmas cards/letters I wanted to send out. We don't even have a family picture.... yikes. So should I wait and send out baby announcements instead? I mean, it's a lot of postage! Not that you're all not worth it! Why is it that we expect so much out of ourselves? Why do I think that I need to create the most beautiful home, make the most delicious nutritious meals, and look fabulous... Micah 6:8 says, " He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" So why do I get hung up on what doesn't matter? Not that it's bad to make a lovely home and feed my family well, but God is wanting something more and something better!

Most people wouldn't think of me as an over-achiever and I think that's evidence of God's grace because left to myself I sure as heck would be! God has been stripping me of letting me do things that let me feel like I have control and putting me in a place of continual dependence on Him! It's a beautiful thing really. He's letting me know Him more and seek Him more instead of being self-reliant and striving in my own efforts. God in His kindness is drawing me to Him and helping me to find contentment in Him. My heart can truly sing that "All of You, is more than enough for all of me! For every thirst and every need, You satisfy me with your love, And all I have in you is more than enough."

My prayer for this year is that I would continue to find my peace and contentment in Him. That I would remember that it is well with my soul. That I would draw my strength from Him. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, " But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong." These past 6 years of my life have been full of dramatic changes and circumstances but God has shown Himself faithful again and again! Praise the Lord, for He is good and His love endures forever. Praise the Lord that He is continuing to refine me. He is continuing to melt the dross and make me like a pure metal. He is molding me into His likeness. Apparently there is much that is needed to be stripped of me so that I can be more like Him. Thank you God that you are using all these things for good.

I say this with boldness and strength... I say it when it's easy and the kids are getting watched by their Uncle John and I'm resting on the Napier's cozy couch... I pray though that I can say it again when I am in the dark of night with screaming babes, when the tears fall down my cheeks, when I don't know how things are going to work out, when I face sleep deprivation or cranky toddlers or all that is to come my way. This year may I know Christ more and cling to Him.

And to you dear friends may you know Him more. May you find joy and peace in Him. May you taste the blessings He has for you. May your bellies be full, your hearts and hands be warm and may love fill you, especially the love of Christ. Happy New Year!

so much for the short post :)


Unknown said…
Hey Jenn,
Even though I don't usually chime in on your blog, Jeff and I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures.

Something that struck me about this post was when you said that the past 6 years of your life have been full of dramatic changes (a mixed bag, I'm sure). (As a sidenote... I'm sure Mike abruptly being let go from the store is among the first things on that list... I admit, I wish Jeff could have left with Mike... thankfully we're out now!) Back to my point... imagine if most of those circumstances and challenges would have been compacted into just a year, or even less... you probably would have thrown in the towel after a short time! I know you know this, but, for encouragement's sake, remember that God never gives us more in a day (or week, month, year... you get the point) than we can handle. He strips us with one hit of His chisel at a time.

We will be thinking about and praying for you guys. Congratulations on the twins!
Sarah said…
Hey there Jennifer Leigh

Just to say Happy New Year to you and all the Napiers.

Hope and pray that you know God's goodness and faithfulness more than ever in 2008 - that you have the energy you need to bring the twins into the world healthy and happy, that you find the right place to live whenever you move back to Virginia, that your marriage goes from strength to strength as devoted husband and wife as well as parents of four cuties, that you continue to flourish in your writing and find new ways of bringing light and truth as you share your own story.

May you and your family be blessed to be even more of a blessing than you are already.

And, to add a self-motivated "resolution", that I get to see you and meet all your kiddies in 2008! Here's hoping...

Big hugs to all of you... xxx
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures.......beautiful subjects.........God is good and all is right in the world.
love to you all
momPS In the words of Huey Lewis......the future is so bright , ya gota wear shades.
Wendy said…

I am going to reply to your email soon I promise...but quick question. You are a blogging pro...along with all the other things you do so well. How do you get those little pictures on your blog that are not your own photos? Please help! Feel free to email an answer if that is easier.

Thanks friend!
Anonymous said…
Jennifer, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Looking forward to this new year that will be FULL of joys and surprises. :)

Love you,

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