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The past 3 weeks have been full of packing, packing, packing. Then moving 2 weeks ago. Then unpacking. unpacking. unpacking.

The kids and I on our first outing here were almost in a terrible accident. We would have been t-boned with the driver crushing me. Fortunately, he didn't hit me. Unfortunately, he hit someone else and t-boned her. The lady and I were both making left turns. The other driver ran a red light. It was raining. I stopped in time. She couldn't see that I stopped as I was blocking the view of his coming approach. I laid on the horn hard. He still hit her. All her air bags on the driver side deployed. I stopped and waited in the rain for the police to come because I witnessed the accident and I wanted to be sure the truth was known. By the end of the 45 minute wait she gave me a hug and so did her husband who came to retrieve her. He said he couldn't believe that there were still good people out there. I didn't do anything special but I felt like I was …

Answered Prayer

So yesterday I felt like I was on pins and needles waiting to hear... hoping to hear... if we were approved for our rental home. I knew it was early he said Tuesday OR Wednesday but last night we got the news... we're in!

So as of the 15th we will have a new living space. Our plan is to pack, pack, pack... like I did today with the help of 2 of my fabulous cousins and one kick-clutter's-butt sister-in-law. My plan is to continue boxing, packing, and getting rid of stuff through Saturday and move Sunday. Yay!

Can't believe it's happening.

I started a Give me 40 days in February and one of the biggest things I was praying for was a new home for us to live in Norfolk. The end of my 40 day prayer period is March 15th. How amazing is that?!

God truly does hear!

Kids last day of school at Grassfield is Friday. What a blessing that school has been. I know our kids are sad to leave their friends, teachers, and classmates behind but excited about what lies ahead.

Libby and Samue…

The Housing Situation....

So, we're on this adventure. Took the kids to check out a possible new home on Saturday. We've turned in an application and certified check on Monday for a place in Norfolk. In Colonial Place to be exact. It's actually for an entire floor of a historic mansion.... with built in book shelves and a stained glass window... and the coolest chandelier in the foyer. And only one bathroom. You heard me, one potty. One place to shower and bathe. 7 people. Oh yeah. We're living on the edge people.

It's charming and beautiful with hardly a single space for storage... but oh so perfect. We find out if we're approved today or tomorrow. We are hoping and praying and trying not to bite our nails from the anticipation. We would have a wrap around porch and a kitchen not full of storage space but plenty of sunshine. Kids could ride bikes on the sidewalk. Heck, I could ride a bike (once I get one!)

And God has been doing this crazy work in my heart. I'm at peace. if it'…

1/3 of his life we've been together...

12 years ago yesterday Mike asked me to be his girlfriend... and I said yes. One of the best decisions I've ever made. I can't believe we've been together twelve years.

Today is my hubby's 36th birthday. So we've been together a third of his life. Wow. That's something amazing and something worth celebrating. My husband is a man who loves God and has chosen to love me and care for me and our children in spite of some very seriously difficult circumstances.

 I admire my husband, Mike's faithfulness, perseverance, gentleness, encouragement, wisdom, loyalty, strength, and ability to love me even at my worst. There's no one else I'd rather be with and no human being my heart loves more.

We've been through undergraduate degrees, 4 pregnancies, a Masters degree, 5 babies, oxygen tubes, apnea monitors, feeding tubes, cerebral palsy, glasses, cranial shaping helmets, wheelchairs, g-j tubes, respiratory failure, intubations, emergency rooms, children flo…

Libby's 10th Heaven Birthday...

10 years ago my sister left her earthly home to go to her Heavenly home. 

March 7, 2004 my sister Libby was 30 weeks pregnant and traveling with her husband so they could celebrate their one year wedding Anniversary together (March 8th). Her husband fell asleep at the wheel and awoke just prior to hitting a semi-truck. Tragically Libby and their unborn son, Sam, died.

This event has drastically changed and altered the course of my life. Libby was not only my sister but my best friend. I could hardly remember an important event in my life without her in it.

Her laughter. her singing. Her teasing me. Her bossing me (and she was the younger sister). Her sensitivity. Her gullibility. Her gasping at the window, seeing something that caught my eye. Her gorgeous blue eyes and brown hair that hinted at auburn when it hit the sunlight. Her smile turned up in the corner... to smirk at me. Her pale skin. She gave great hugs. And whenever I would cry she would do whatever she could to make me lau…

These are a few of my favorite things...


The Way God Provides.

I find I'm quick to whine. I want to remedy that. So let me tell you what I'm thankful for instead!

God has done some really cool things lately. He's provided in some unexpected ways. One way he blesses me is through the thrift store. Often something will come to mind that is a need in the house. E.G. Peter needs a new bed. His crib is falling apart and it's time he joins the big boys soon. So... on Monday I walked in to Goodwill and found an absolutely gorgeous, cherry wood toddler bed (in mint condition, I might add) for $25.00

Yay. Happy dance right in Goodwill.

Then the kids found this toy I wanted to buy them for Christmas. God said no, at that time. So I waited. Again just as I found the bed on Monday, Libby found the toy! The Original Flying Turtle sells for $90 on Amazon.  $8.25 at Goodwill. Perfect Condition. The kids love it. They've been riding it since Monday. It provides great practice for Michael, strengthening his motor skills, etc. And all of them c…

Most Impacting Book of the Year..

Really it's almost not a book. It's more pamphlet size. Very quick read. But probably the most impacting book I've read this year and probably for last year too.

Tim Keller's, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness: The Path to True Christian Joy.*

Here's an excerpt of the description:

"In an age where pleasing people, puffing up your ego and building your résumé are seen as the methods to make it , the Apostle Paul calls us to find true rest in blessed self forgetfulness. In this short and punchy book, best selling author Timothy Keller, shows that gospel humility means we can stop connecting every experience, every conversation with ourselves and can thus be free from self condemnation. A truly gospel humble person is not a self hating person or a self loving person, but a self forgetful person. This freedom can be yours..."

It's wonderfully freeing. I have been obsessed with myself... what others think of me and what I think of me.... neither of those is …

Reducing and Eliminating.

God is doing something strange. Something mysterious. Something very uncomfortable.

He's shaking up my hold on my possessions. He's opening my eyes to a bigger world around me. A world full of need.

It's scary. And it's so exciting. I just went through my closet and gave away 50% of my stuff. Freeing. Liberating. And it brought about me repenting on the floor of my closet for all the stuff I had. I thought I didn't have a lot. But I had a ton. And most of I don't love, like and wear....And so it had to go. Only what I love. Only what makes me feel good. From flip-flops to bridesmaids dresses. From luggage to purses and scarves and bracelets. Good-bye. To undergarments to jackets. Bye-bye. And stuff I really loved and thought was pretty but was too much. I'm definitely a bag girl. May the purses bless someone else... all the cute bags, all the cute extras... a new home for them.


God forgive me for holding onto things that aren't you. Things that are…