Reducing and Eliminating.

God is doing something strange. Something mysterious. Something very uncomfortable.

He's shaking up my hold on my possessions. He's opening my eyes to a bigger world around me. A world full of need.

It's scary. And it's so exciting. I just went through my closet and gave away 50% of my stuff. Freeing. Liberating. And it brought about me repenting on the floor of my closet for all the stuff I had. I thought I didn't have a lot. But I had a ton. And most of I don't love, like and wear....And so it had to go. Only what I love. Only what makes me feel good. From flip-flops to bridesmaids dresses. From luggage to purses and scarves and bracelets. Good-bye. To undergarments to jackets. Bye-bye. And stuff I really loved and thought was pretty but was too much. I'm definitely a bag girl. May the purses bless someone else... all the cute bags, all the cute extras... a new home for them.


God forgive me for holding onto things that aren't you. Things that aren't necessary. Things that are dragging me down, wasting my space, time and energy. Help me as I continue to purge and eliminate. Give me wisdom through your Holy Spirit. Continue to help me remove the clutter so I can treasure you more. Help me to let go of the things that are past regrets, the what-ifs, the never-happened. Thank you for your provision. Thank you for once again showing me less is more.... and that you are more than enough. In Jesus Name, Amen.

This start is just the beginning. It's amazing the amount of stuff I own. And truthfully how much it owns me.

Surrendering and yielding myself to the Lord is bringing changes I never thought possible.

Now off to haul this stuff out of my house...


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