Answered Prayer

So yesterday I felt like I was on pins and needles waiting to hear... hoping to hear... if we were approved for our rental home. I knew it was early he said Tuesday OR Wednesday but last night we got the news... we're in!

So as of the 15th we will have a new living space. Our plan is to pack, pack, pack... like I did today with the help of 2 of my fabulous cousins and one kick-clutter's-butt sister-in-law. My plan is to continue boxing, packing, and getting rid of stuff through Saturday and move Sunday. Yay!

Can't believe it's happening.

I started a Give me 40 days in February and one of the biggest things I was praying for was a new home for us to live in Norfolk. The end of my 40 day prayer period is March 15th. How amazing is that?!

God truly does hear!

Kids last day of school at Grassfield is Friday. What a blessing that school has been. I know our kids are sad to leave their friends, teachers, and classmates behind but excited about what lies ahead.

Libby and Samuel will be homeschooled and the twins will go to Norfolk Public School. Anticipating with joy and peace all that God has for us.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We are so thankful!


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