The Housing Situation....

took the 5 with us. Want people to know
what they were getting into if they accepted our application.

So, we're on this adventure. Took the kids to check out a possible new home on Saturday. We've turned in an application and certified check on Monday for a place in Norfolk. In Colonial Place to be exact. It's actually for an entire floor of a historic mansion.... with built in book shelves and a stained glass window... and the coolest chandelier in the foyer. And only one bathroom. You heard me, one potty. One place to shower and bathe. 7 people. Oh yeah. We're living on the edge people.

It's charming and beautiful with hardly a single space for storage... but oh so perfect. We find out if we're approved today or tomorrow. We are hoping and praying and trying not to bite our nails from the anticipation. We would have a wrap around porch and a kitchen not full of storage space but plenty of sunshine. Kids could ride bikes on the sidewalk. Heck, I could ride a bike (once I get one!)

And God has been doing this crazy work in my heart. I'm at peace. if it's not this place He will provide another. This is the closest we've gotten though to something happen... and here's the other crazy thing.... If we get it... we'll have it on the 15th! 15th of March, people!

What?! I know right.

I need to get my hiney in high gear to get ready to move. I have gone through stuff. Gotten rid of stuff in a serious way... but packed? Nope. Not really.

So friends.... Aaaagggghhh. I need some help. If you feel like lending a hand by gathering boxes, packing up stuff or cleaning or helping watch kids so I can do these things... come on over.

I think this is really happening. If not, I will have a head start.. but I think this will happen.

A lot of big things to decide so if you're not local and can't help that's fine.... PLEASE PRAY! Asking God for His wisdom and His will to be done. And if you are local then PRAY and if able... come on down... :)


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