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Wondering where I've been? It's called lack of internet access :) I am alive and actually doing quite well. Loving my new home. The kids are adjusting well. And currently Mike is home- a MAJOR plus in my book. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and it went GREAT! Boys look good, I'm doing good- and in 4 weeks the doctor says I'm "golden"... um, that means I can have babies... SCARY!

Well, I hope to keep up more than I have been. Just know for now that all is well.

A 3 hour tour.

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale... a tale of a fateful trip... that started at the doctor's office and made me want to flip...

I arrived punctually at the office with my dear mother-in-law in tow. And we proceeded to wait and wait. They had me go back and forth across the offices several times. I will spare you the boring details. Mike was with Samuel at his follow-up appt. at CHKD and even though his appt. was 45 minutes AFTER mine they finished well before I did. Over 3 hours! Enough complaining... here's the good news!

The boys are measuring 2 lbs. 13 oz. and 2 1bs. 10 oz. And although there is a "generous" amount of fluid they are saying it's NOT Polyhydramneous- which they had thought originally. So yeah! I'm still having contractions and am on medicine to help with that.

I'm exhausted and worn out but am grateful that the boys are measuring well and that things seem smooth. I don't need to go back to the office for another 2 weeks…
Samuel and Mike are back home :) Just wanted you to know.


What is home? This is the question that is on my mind right now. We're not living at our new house yet. Still waiting for power and such. But I am comfy cozy on the Napier's couch just having finished up some strawberry yogurt and a delicious salad. It was nice my parents had dropped Libby off and ended up staying. My friend Laura came by with some muffins (banana, Ghiradelli chocolate chip!) and she ended up staying too. And what am I doing out of the hospital? Oh just simply my favorite maternal/fetal doctor sent me on my merry way. still having contractions and on medicine but she didn't want to keep me just for an ultra-sound tomorrow so on Tuesday I will see her again. Finished up my steroids shots.

So they wheeled me over to CHKD and I hung out waiting for Samuel to get out... no such luck. So Mike drove me back to his parents and went back to be with Samuel.

Tomorrow is Mike's BIG 3-0. I'm glad I can at least be out of the hospital to be with him…

Just Keep Breathing.

Dear Friends, as I sit and write this my arm is strapped to an IV where I'm receiving fluids and anti-biotics. I've already begun round 1 of steroids for the boys' lung development and I'm getting my cervix checked regularly. The contractions are consistent but not productive. I'm supposed to be in the hospital (Norfolk General hospital) until Monday... Mike's 30th birthday. On Monday they're going to a detailed anatomy ultrasound of the boys. But that's not all. Samuel is the in the hospital too! Samuel is next door, also in Norfolk at the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughter's. Mike dropped me off at the E.R. at Sentara and went next door to CHKD. Samuel has been put on 24 hour observation. He's receiving breathing treatments and is also on an IV.

So how did we get here? We've all been sick. Really sick. By that I mean, Mike, Libby, Samuel and I have all been really-yucky, no-good, feel-like-crap sick. Saturday I …