What is home? This is the question that is on my mind right now. We're not living at our new house yet. Still waiting for power and such. But I am comfy cozy on the Napier's couch just having finished up some strawberry yogurt and a delicious salad. It was nice my parents had dropped Libby off and ended up staying. My friend Laura came by with some muffins (banana, Ghiradelli chocolate chip!) and she ended up staying too. And what am I doing out of the hospital? Oh just simply my favorite maternal/fetal doctor sent me on my merry way. still having contractions and on medicine but she didn't want to keep me just for an ultra-sound tomorrow so on Tuesday I will see her again. Finished up my steroids shots.

So they wheeled me over to CHKD and I hung out waiting for Samuel to get out... no such luck. So Mike drove me back to his parents and went back to be with Samuel.

Tomorrow is Mike's BIG 3-0. I'm glad I can at least be out of the hospital to be with him... but hope that he'll be back here with Samuel tomorrow.

Some friends of ours went to our new place and started some unpacking for us. It was a great lift.

Anyway, just glad to be out of the hospital and "home" now.


Praying for you all and especially Mike and you as you make decisions with only half brain power being sick. May the Spirit step in and take control.
Hope you all feel better soon in the new area!
Caren said…
Jen, it seems like you guys just dont get a break! Keep trusting in God...He knows whats going on. I'm so glad you're out of the hospital...rest, rest, rest. I'm praying for all of you. I hope Samuel gets to come home tomorrow.
Bethany said…
So glad your out of the hospital. I know the cheesy line home is where the heart is but I totally believe that home is when I am with those I love and that can really be almost any physical place as long as I am surrounded by my loves.....hope you feel that as you are tossed about and even as you are separated knowing that you and your loved ones will all be together soon.
Sarah said…
Glad you are out of hospital and able to be as "normal" as possible right now. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mike! Hope you guys have had a fun time celebrating and that Samuel is getting better really quickly. Big hugs xx
Anonymous said…
Jennifer, I am so happy to read this post...
I am so grateful that God has His hand upon all of you and is displaying His kindness and mercy through you. "It is well with my soul" is the perfect response to hardship. Be encouraged by the work that God is doing in your hearts and in your family this season. It will continue to be rough but God will continue to be faithful and pour out abundant grace on all of you.

Thank you God for your goodness to them. Lord, please fill Samuel's little heart with peace as he learns to trust You. Please train him to be still and listen to your voice in this time.

May God give you all rest and strength and peace as He helps you remember the awesome hope we have in Jesus Christ.

I love you.


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