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Still reveling in the fact that Samuel's alive. That his scans have shown no evidence of disease (aka: no cancer growing). And I marvel at what God has done in Samuel and through him. I'm thankful for his tender heart and sensitivity and love for others. I stand in awe of God and with much gratitude for the good work God has done.

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What's better than turning 7?

2 people turning 7!

The twins recently celebrated their 7th birthdays. They were so excited for their special day to come and we had a fun day full of ice-cream cones and going to a bounce house and spending time with some friends that we homeschool with. It was a great time. But one of my favorite parts was going to Starbucks and ordering whip cream cups... and the kids getting inspired to make their own "painted facial hair" concoctions- beards, mustaches, etc. We all laughed so hard!

What to Say To a Grieving Person...

Lisa at GriefSpeaks also shares WHAT TO SAY to a Griever. I thought it would be helpful to know more than just what not to say but what is helpful to say.

It can be difficult to know what to say during the first contact with someone who has just suffered a loss.  Many avoid the griever because they lack the right words. There are no perfect words. Grievers are often appreciative for the quieter people who genuinely care and want to be with them.   Asking a grieving person how they are will usually get an "I'm fine" response. We are all pretty good at masking our feelings. Remember too not to "affirm" someone who is "doing so well" or "taking this so well". This often locks a person in to feeling that when they "fall apart" a few minutes, hours or weeks later, they will be letting those around them down. 
Your presence makes a difference. Sometimes just a hug or hand squeeze can express what you are feeling better than words.  Most gr…

What Not to Say to those experiencing loss and grief...

I find that in moments of crisis we all want to know the right thing to say and do. When it comes to grief and loss we want to be comforting. Sometimes it is helpful to know what NOT to say. I recently found this posted on Grief Speaks and wanted to share. I think it's very helpful and accurate from my personal experience of grief and loss.

Lisa at Grief Speaks wrote the following:
So often as well meaning friends, co-workers and loved ones , we don't know what to say to a person who has just experienced a loss so we say nothing at all. We fear saying the wrong thing. Grievers often feel abandoned by friends in the midst of their loss because of this. Although many of the following statements we may recognize that we have said to people, it is important to understand that these statements are often not helpful. Grief is about a broken heart, yet often we speak to people's intellect as opposed to their heart.   Avoid cliches as well as these common platitudes:

Time heals all wo…

Easter, CT Scans & The Hope of Future Glory.

The past few days have been emotional for me. I have been broken by the tears that flow so freely around me. Grieving people. Those hurting for a family in our church who have been given such bitter news. What do you say to someone whose son has been given no survival rate with his diagnosis? And the people that know them and stand with them are full of pain and hurt, suffering with their friends and family.

We believe that God is healer and that He can perform Healing, miraculous healing. And yet, I also know that God's will is mysterious and bigger than what we can see. He knows perfectly. I believe that God will heal this precious boy wholly and fully... but here on earth? Or on the other side?

Last night was an opportunity to pray and worship with the family. And I walked away with the boy's mommy's tears in my pocket. I had cleared away her wet tissues and put them in my pocket. But it felt symbolic carrying her tears with me. Because she is so heavy on my heart. I ac…