Easter, CT Scans & The Hope of Future Glory.

The past few days have been emotional for me. I have been broken by the tears that flow so freely around me. Grieving people. Those hurting for a family in our church who have been given such bitter news. What do you say to someone whose son has been given no survival rate with his diagnosis? And the people that know them and stand with them are full of pain and hurt, suffering with their friends and family.

We believe that God is healer and that He can perform Healing, miraculous healing. And yet, I also know that God's will is mysterious and bigger than what we can see. He knows perfectly. I believe that God will heal this precious boy wholly and fully... but here on earth? Or on the other side?

Last night was an opportunity to pray and worship with the family. And I walked away with the boy's mommy's tears in my pocket. I had cleared away her wet tissues and put them in my pocket. But it felt symbolic carrying her tears with me. Because she is so heavy on my heart. I ache with her Mama's heart.

I'm encouraged to see her Hope is in the Lord. Her Hope is in Jesus. And that is hard. How much easier is it to hope for our son's healing... This I know well.

Tomorrow Samuel has a CT scan and appt. with oncology. Once again we will wait, and try not to agonize in the wait, as to what news we will receive. I can honestly say, for the very first time, I don't feel fear. Not because I assume that all will be well and clear. I don't assume that. But because I truly believe to the core of my very being that I don't need to fear. God will sustain us, no matter what. Does that mean I have a guarantee that Samuel's cancer won't return? No. Do I hope that his cancer is gone forever- of course! But my Hope is in Christ. It is fixed on Him. Because only He is unshakeable. All other things can change.

Circumstances change. Health is not a guarantee, neither are finances, nor any human relationship. Neither is anything in this world that is temporary. Only God does not change. He is eternal. Ever faithful. Ever true. Ever good. And I rest in that truth tonight. Rest in the promise that His resurrection is a guarantee for my future resurrection.

Thank you Jesus! You died for my sins. You shed your blood. You paid the price. And you did NOT remain DEAD! You are ALIVE!!!! Thank you that you have given us a hope of eternity with you. That we don't need to fear what happens to our bodies. Not cancer, not accidents, not illness, not old age... we, who hope in you, who trust you for our salvation, we are secure in our hope.

For when we die, we are just passing through. Going to meet you on the other side. And to wait with you and with the saints of old for when you make all things new. For your Redemption of our bodies, of creation, of the Heavens and the Earth. Thank you for securing my son's future. He is in your hands.

So Happy Easter. May you know Jesus more deeply and fully in whatever road you walk, in wherever you are led and brought. May we take comfort in the words the angels told those women so many years ago,

                 He is not here, for he has risen, as he said.

Amen and Amen!


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