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remembering River Fest


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Birthday Blessed.

A huge thank you to those who gave me birthday money. This is what I bought!

Yes, it's like what it looks like... an adult tricycle.

I remember at age of 11 riding my bike and hitting a parked car and flying over the handlebars. Yes, embarrassing and clutzy but it deterred me from riding for a long, long time. I still am not the best when it comes to balance. In addition I'd like to be able to attach a trailer and take Peter and Michael along for the ride. Both are still too young/ uncoordinated to pedal properly, etc.

So I am thrilled to be living in area where I can have a bike and actually ride my bike... like to the grocery store! Or around the neighborhood. By the water. So excited.

I love it!  I can't believe how much I look forward to going on a ride. I'm sure to some people it's silly seeing a tricycle... but as the septuagenarian said to me today, "You gotta a nice ride!" I was tempted to fist pump and yell "Oh Yeah!" Instead I waved a…

Disappointment Delivered, AKA: Why It's Always Leah...

Today has been a bad day. Not a "we're-in-crisis-*%it-has-hit-the-fan" day but just your average things going wrong that make you want to blow a gasket kind of bad day. I woke up wrong. You know when you just wake up and the feeling of impending doom settles heavy on your chest. Yep, that's how I woke. Grumpy. Irritable. Sore. Frustrated.

I had told the kids we were going to the beach today. We spent over an hour putting on bathing suits, gathering towels, sunblock, water bottles, and packing lunches. 

On my way out the door I spotted my husband's phone. It was perched precariously on the pantry shelf near the fridge. I grabbed it for him and thought how wonderful a wife I'm being for bringing it to him later.

We first had to go to one of Libby's medical appointments but it was in Va. Beach and on the way to the oceanfront.  Then it started raining on the drive. So I told the kids we probably would NOT be going to the beach. That didn't win any favors.…

photo fun

playing with photo effects...

Because I love you.

I've been sick for a few days. Some upper respiratory thing going... combined with hacking cough that and a nice wheeze that makes me sound like a chronic smoker with asthma. And a headache that feels like the start of a migraine behind my right eye. So take that into account. I'm writing and I'm in a strange frame of mind.

I've been looking at people's posts and pictures for Father's Day. People giving honor and tribute to their husbands, fathers, etc. Lots of good memories and happy pictures on display. But I'm also imagining there are those that are sad today. Don't have a Father. Or didn't have a good Father. Those with pain of abandonment or rejection or absence or abuse. Or those whose Fathers have died and are no longer present on this earth. There is loss and grief mingled or pain that can accompany them with this holiday. I am so sorry for your pain and your loss.

I could choose to post about how wonderful a Dad my husband is. Or I could p…

Foot baths gone wild....

A few weeks ago Libby needed a break. What started as her idea to just relax by giving herself a foot bath and reading a book turned into a fiasco when her brothers decided to join in the "relaxation..."

On the Eve of My 34th Birthday...

In a matter of a couple hours it's my birthday. My Mom says it's not officially my birthday until 10:21 p.m. but hey June 3rd is the DAY on which I was born... hence birthDAY.... So it's almost time to celebrate.

As I reflect on another reminder of time passing I'm struck with awe at how God has shaped and molded the course of my life thus far. I'm nowhere near where I thought it would be.... haven't accomplished as much as I thought I would... and have way more kids than I guessed I'd have... and have been richly blessed more than I could have imagined.

 The last 10 years have in particular have been more challenging, difficult, trying, painful, than I thought possible. But they also have been a time to teach me about persevering, faithfulness, endurance, and persistence. But what's funny is I would have thought I was the one growing in those last things and instead realize I'm more aware of God. That God is persistent. That God is faithful. He ha…