Saturday, June 21, 2014

Birthday Blessed.

A huge thank you to those who gave me birthday money. This is what I bought!

Yes, it's like what it looks like... an adult tricycle.

I remember at age of 11 riding my bike and hitting a parked car and flying over the handlebars. Yes, embarrassing and clutzy but it deterred me from riding for a long, long time. I still am not the best when it comes to balance. In addition I'd like to be able to attach a trailer and take Peter and Michael along for the ride. Both are still too young/ uncoordinated to pedal properly, etc.

So I am thrilled to be living in area where I can have a bike and actually ride my bike... like to the grocery store! Or around the neighborhood. By the water. So excited.

I love it!  I can't believe how much I look forward to going on a ride. I'm sure to some people it's silly seeing a tricycle... but as the septuagenarian said to me today, "You gotta a nice ride!" I was tempted to fist pump and yell "Oh Yeah!" Instead I waved and as I  rode on by said, "Thank you!"

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Mixue said...

So cute. :)