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Change and Transformation

I have been loving this new season of my life: traveling all over the country, engaging in training, growing mentally and physically stronger and gaining new perspective on life.

This year I have been to Missouri, flown to LA and driven to Phoenix, seen the Grand Canyon, gone to the ocean numerous times, experienced almost two weeks in Nashville, trips taking me to North Carolina and the western part of VA, and a special time in the mountains of N.C. at camp with my family and I just got back a couple weeks ago from my travels to Florida. 
The word God gave me at the beginning of this year has been abundance! To look at our circumstances you would think it would be anything but... and yet this truly has been a year of exceeding abundance for me. I have seen God provide time and time again. He makes a way when there was no way.  
Our circumstances would have you think that we lack options and choices but the new vision God has given me allows me to see these situations as opportunities…