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My ballerina girl

Libby looks so lovely in her ballet outfit. I love putting it on her every Monday. She looks so sweet and graceful especially as she twirls around. I love this picture of her looking down. I look forward to showing more of my little ballerina girl.

Quick Update.

I just wanted you all to know that Em's eye ended up being okay. She was in pain though and it made me so sad to think that it was Samuel that scratched her eye.

Why I haven't posted in well over a week...

Things have been crazy on this end. Not bad. Not terrible. But a bit crazy. I am having serious issues with my e-mail (through hotmail) and will probably need to switch to something else soon. Please give me grace if I have not responded.... I can't get to my e-mail. I've been a little discouraged with Samuel's therapy lately. I'm not disappointed in the therapisst, it's him I'm struggling with. He doesn't want to do what he doesn't want to do. He has been getting frustrated easily and has been super clingy. He's regressed in his eating... and eats fewer variety of foods than ever. It makes me want to cry sometimes. And walking... he's got what is called "gravitational insecurity"... what this means is he doesn'…

So sweet.

This boy can make the sweetest faces. He can make me crazy too. He was hamming it up in his highchair. What a sweet boy. I am beginning to enjoy the funny games we play together. He's been wonderful about running errands with me while Libby is in school. I am so blessed.

My cousins.

My cousins are up for a visit: Sharon, Laura, & Emily. I have so enjoyed having time with them. It's been a wonderful visit. My cousins are beautiful, sweet, funny, and precious godly young women and I am so blessed to have them in my life. They are quick to serve. I have so enjoyed just being able to have the opportunity to hang out with them. Yesterday we went to the mall so Libby could ride the carousel. They're so helpful with the kids and so loving towards them. Today we were able to go out to lunch and to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. They even made delicious apple pies tonight.

Poor Em though. Mike and I were out on a date when we got a call. Samuel had scratched Emily in the eye. So right now they're at the ER. Poor dears. We are praying that all is well. They are leaving to head back home tomorrow. I'll let you know how Em's eye is doing.

I am so blessed to have them as cousins and as my friends. Thank you Sharon, Laura and Emily for a…

My Jessica.

Jessica and David. What a love story. I am so thankful for this couple. Jessica has been such a "real" person in my life. She's never afraid to say it like it is. I love her spunky personality. I love her eccentric tendencies. I love that she has her own pink room and is totally girly. This girl has been so kind to me. It's also her birthday

I will never forget after Libby died the beautiful package they anonymously brought over to the house. It was filled with these beautiful "Tuscan" mugs. I loved it. They also had all sorts of goodies in there inlcuding a gift card to an amazing restaraunt. The only reason I figured out it was them was because of the mugs- so her style. And also she knew a story about the restaraunt.... and I knew she only knew that story... so I had a good guess!

I love watching Jessica teach ballet and I love it even more when I get to watch her dance. She's so graceful and beautiful. It was so fun dressing Libby up…

Fitting the Dress.

Okay people. I have 4 weeks to go and I still need to fit my bridesmaids dress. So, I'm trying to eat the right things, small amounts and make sure I'm walking and moving a lot... so I can fit my dress. for those who know me and my pregnancies I tend to get a tummy real fast in the beginning and mellow out... well, except with Samuel, but those were crazy conditions.

So, please encourage me. November 11th is the wedding. I will be 10-11 weeks along. I really would like to fit it..... I've gone down on the scale but I can feel my tummy beginning to "round". I mean this is my third pregnancy... Sigh, if I was only more like Amy :) It's okay Amy I'll never be you :) and I'm okay with that!

By the way, this is similiar to what the dress looks like... but I think it has straps or shoulder something... ha ha, I don't even remember! Isn't that terrible!

Worst case scenario I could add a wrap to cover the back if I need it a little unzipped but I&…

Free Friday...

We're packing up and trying to get out of here around 4:30 (heading down to Va). We have quite the week-end ahead of us. We're celebrating Libby's birthday (early) down there. We're celebrating SGC (our church in VA) 20 year anniversary. And I'm attending my cousin Anne's bridal shower.

Since money has been, um, tight... I was thinking of things we can do that are free.

What are some of your favorite things to do that cost little to no money?

Here are some of my favorites: going to the library. Going to Barnes & Noble and flipping through books or magazines. Making a cup of tea at home. Baking. Reading. going to the zoo (we have a membership). Going to the park. Kissing Mike. Snuggling with the kids and watching a movie from the libarary.

What do you do?

Apples anyone?

I have been enjoying apples lately. I made some deep dish Dutch apple pies the other day. I have also been using them as a decorative piece in my home. I am going to be making my own applesauce soon and will be filling my acorn squash with yummy apples (recipe mentioned earlier this month). I also will be making my favorite recipe of apple-carrot-walnut-raisin-oat-flax muffins! So many things you can do with apples. I love the smell of apples. Delicious.

Chair cushions.

I was in the store the other day and had some credit at that store and was wondering how to use it. I found these beautiful chocolately chair cushions with teal-ish design and fell in love. I brought them home and am using them at our dining room table. They add so much to the room. I did this the same day as my new pillows. Mike came home and loved the new changes. Yay!


I was recently going through my linens and such and found two beautiful pillow covers (one displayed here). My friend KB picked up some lovely pillow covers while she was in India. At the time I wasn't able to use them but I found them and was excited because they match my black chair and also our red leather couch. I went to Target and found two pillows for $10 and put the covers on. Voila. Beautiful pillows. I love when that happens.

Libby & Miss Anne.

This is Libby and her teacher Miss Anne on her first day of school. Libby is loving school and is always excited to put on her back-pack (which she calls pack-pack) and head out the door. The other day she skipped down the hall at school yelling, "I'm happy I go to school!" Today we went on a field trip to the fire-house. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. Oh well, I guess I didn't get distracted with pictures and was able to enjoy Libby watching the fire-men.

Eating My Words...

There are days when it's good to eat your words and sometimes it's bad to eat your words... this is a GOOD time. Last night I was afraid God had given up on me. That he couldn't handle me. That he was DONE with me. I felt done. Put a fork in me. I felt like a cooked turkey- done all the way through. I was wrestling verbally with Mike. Telling him how noone really cared, no one wants to help, and how abandoned, rejected I felt. He told me that I would have to eat my words. I was pretty annoyed at him. I wanted to be mad, to have a pity party and to give up. I didn't want to try to build friendships in PA.

I was kind of laughing when I realized my article would be published last night. My article on serving. I thought to myself how ironic is this? Um, serving? Do I really believe what I wrote? Do I really believe what I was talking about? I do. It just took me a while of God speaking to me. I think He was allowing me to preach truth to myself!

BTW- the …

Sending out an S.O.S.

Originally the title of this post was going to be... 10 Things I Hate about Me... or My Battle with Condemnation... or Mothering: It's a Dangerous Job. Instead I realized that if I were someone reading this I would be thinking, "Wow, that's pretty funny." Funny in a ha-ha way and funny like when a cartoon gets hit on the head with a pan and the "audience" laughs. So I thought it should be A Day that will make you laugh... but by the end of this crazy post I realized it was more of an SOS thing.

It started with being awoken at 5:00 a.m. and being unable to go back to sleep due to some noise in the background. So I sat and worried and stressed for the next two hours. I was stressed about a Pampered Chef order that for someone reason didn't go through... or at least I can't find proof of having paid for it online. Sigh. Stressed about the day and about bills and about money and about where we're going to move to and if Mike would be able to…

me and Laura.

This is a picture of me and my friend Laura who is really like a combination of an aunt/big sister to me. She is another hero of mine. She has helped me out so many times. She is always quick to serve and watch the kids and was even willing to drive up to PA on two separate occasions to care for Libby during medical emergencies with Samuel. The first time she took Libby back to VA and cared for her there. The next time she drove up with her 3 kids and took care of Libby at our home.

Laura- you're amazing. I never stop thanking God for you! Thank you for caring for me and for my family. Thank you for loving me so practically. I am blessed to have you as my friend! Your example of motherhood is such a source of encouragement in my life. Thank you for all the times you've given me French manicures. Thanks for partaking in the sacred Chocolate Tall Cake ritual. Thanks for all the times you've baby-sat my kids. Thanks for doing fun things with Libby like taking he…

What a man!

Everytime I look at Mike I am filled with joy. He brings so much laughter to my day and I am so blessed to have this man as my husband and as the father of my children. One of the things I love about him is his intelligence. I love hearing his insights and new revelations and epiphanies that he got that day from school. He's so smart... I love that. He's also so sweet and thoughtful. He's quick to bring home flowers or a little treat for me. He runs to the library and picks up my books that are on hold. He helps take the kids to Sunday School. He does dishes and laundry and makes a mean grilled cheese. He also is patient and tender with me. I am so blessed that he is mine!

Autumn Treasure.

Today was a fun day. The kids and I went with MARC (Samuel's therapy group) to MerryMead Farms. We went on a hayride, picked out some pumpkins and Libby enjoyed ice-cream while Samuel and I shared an apple-cider donut. Afterwards we went to my knitting store, The Tangled Web. We then took Libby to get her first hair-cut at Cookie Cutters (a children's hair salon). It was a fun day. We're all worn out. I had 3 kids to be responsible for... okay, one's still on the inside but you wouldn't believe how much energy that child needs!

Friday's Focus: Embarassed?

Okay, I'm looking for embarassing moments here people.

Here's mine: I was in the 8th grade, maybe the 7th and I was attending a private school (from H-E- double hockey sticks). We also had a dress code. I had to wear a dress or skirt everyday. So that meant I would typically wear panty hose. Well, one day, I must have grabbed a larger size because they were way too baggy. I felt them slipping underneath my skirt. I asked my drama teacher if I could go to the bathroom and fix my hose becaue they were about to fall down. She thought I was exaggerating and said, "NO!" So we then proceeded to go outside to work on some silly skit. It was when the whole class was outside and for some reason people were looking in my direction when my panty hose fell to my ankles! I was horrified. The boys were standing there with mouths gaping. The girls were trying not to snigger. My teacher made the boys turn around as I adjusted myself (but heck-we're outside!) I was s…

Spider Dance.

I'm hoping you'll be able to see Libby's haircut in this post. It's now shoulder-length. She loves this Spider that's outside our kitchen window. The other day, she suddently did a jumping jack, "look mom! I'm a spider. See, I'm an X". I looked at the spider. I knew what she was trying to do. After showing me her "spider" pose, she then decided to do a dance. I hope you enjoy a picture of it.

You do the Math.




Fall on Jesus.

Right now I'm falling on Jesus. There is not much left to hold to. I don't want to sound dramatic and theatrical... I really am just at the end of myself. It's a good place and a hard place to be. This place where this is really nothing I can do but pray. Nothing tangible though. Mike and I need to be out of our place by November 30th. Yep. It's good we're going. I'm trying not to curse this place as we leave. Apparently after day 10 (our rent is due the 1st) you get processed to be evicted. Mike and I have had legal fees and charges placed against us. It's straightened out now but it's sad to me. Lynnewood is losing some good tenants. Yeah, we were late though we did pay the same month it was all due the rent, the late fees and this month's rent. I didn't know we would be penalized (besides late fees which we willingly paid). The charges are dropped but we owe legal fees. ha ha. They don't know this was the limit. We've…

a ray of sunshine.

Libby came up to me and was being so sweet and said, "I'm crazy about you mom!" she turned to Samuel, "I'm crazy about you too, Samuel!" She went back to her seat to finish her breakfast. I said, "Libby, you are a sweet girl." She looked up at me with a grin, "This sweet girl is HAPPY!"

What a little love!

Yogurt Boy.

He's doing it himself! Yeah for self-feeding. Mr. Independent makes a mess... but what a breakthrough. This was taken before he had croup. No dairy products right now :(

Thanks Gramma!

My mom knew that Samuel loved Mr. Potato Head and so gave me money to get him one. Well, we didn't just get one. We got 3. It was in a Mr. Potato Head Jumbo Pack by Target. It comes with an assortment of attachments. He loves it. Thank you mom/Gramma!

Doing a Mac Dance!

Oh yes, my people, my Mac is back and into the groove already. My sweetie got it fixed for me and had to drive 30 minutes to get to an Apple Store and had to call many people and go many lengths including borrowing his parents software- but now it works! Yeah!

I'll be posting more soon!



Me & My girls


Kiss the Bride.