Yogurt Boy.

He's doing it himself! Yeah for self-feeding. Mr. Independent makes a mess... but what a breakthrough. This was taken before he had croup. No dairy products right now :(
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Wendy said…
How's the croup? Hope he is getting better. Hang in there the older he gets the stronger he gets. He will be doing so much when you least expect it! It's a lesson in patience though huh? I've been there! You are doing a great job as a mom!
Jennifer said…
Thanks Wendy. I really need that right now and I appreciate your encouragement so much because I know that you have been and are there! He screamed all night last night and is NOT himself. He's irritable. Crying. Doesn't want to be held. Doesn't want to be put down. Is hungry but won't eat. I'm tired.


Caren said…
Samuel looks so different to me in this picture than he did when I came to visit you guys! He's getting so big! Yay for new steps and new things!
Ashleigh said…
Hooray, Samuel!

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