What a man!

Everytime I look at Mike I am filled with joy. He brings so much laughter to my day and I am so blessed to have this man as my husband and as the father of my children. One of the things I love about him is his intelligence. I love hearing his insights and new revelations and epiphanies that he got that day from school. He's so smart... I love that. He's also so sweet and thoughtful. He's quick to bring home flowers or a little treat for me. He runs to the library and picks up my books that are on hold. He helps take the kids to Sunday School. He does dishes and laundry and makes a mean grilled cheese. He also is patient and tender with me. I am so blessed that he is mine!
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Anonymous said…

I can honestly say that I am as big a fan of Mike as you are. He has always been amazing. So smart from a little boy and if you could have seen him then you would have fallen in love with him like I did...what a smart little boy and very tender, too. His laughter, his joy, his godliness, his intelligence, his hunger for righteousness and desire to please God. A mother could not be prouder or more thrilled to see her son(s) happily married and living a life that glorifies the Father. You are blessed, and so are we.

I love you Mike and declare before all who read this that you are a gift from the Lord and continue to excel as a man of God, a man of character, a man of the Word and just da Man. Thankful for your beautiful wife and precious children. Keep up the good work.
xx00 mom
Jessica Rockey said…
He's a keeper! I've allways really admired and respected Mike. Sometimes I forget how smart he is... I think it's because he doesn't flaunt it. He has a quiet humility about him. Sometimes in a big group,it seems he's a man of few words... but when he speaks, there's such wisdom. David and I were actually talking about that the other day!
I remember thinking, when you guys started courting, 'hmmm... I don't get it. He's so quiet and she's so... not quiet. (ahhh! love u jen). Anyway, seeing you together now, I get it! I see how you bring out the best in each other and you are so in love even in the midst of such trials. Love you both!
Ginger said…
Jennifer! What a good wife you are! Thank you for loving him so much--another testimony to Gods kindness!
Kate Van said…
Jen, thanks for your example of an wife who 'build her house up' rather than 'tearing it down'(Prov 14:1) Miss you. . .
Reaghan said…
Mike is such a great guy! I loved him as a teacher! (you were by far the best!!) and now i'm at veritas again and it is so different without him... wow times have changed so much!
I miss both of you and your crazy kidos so much!

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