Friday's Focus: Embarassed?

Okay, I'm looking for embarassing moments here people.

Here's mine: I was in the 8th grade, maybe the 7th and I was attending a private school (from H-E- double hockey sticks). We also had a dress code. I had to wear a dress or skirt everyday. So that meant I would typically wear panty hose. Well, one day, I must have grabbed a larger size because they were way too baggy. I felt them slipping underneath my skirt. I asked my drama teacher if I could go to the bathroom and fix my hose becaue they were about to fall down. She thought I was exaggerating and said, "NO!" So we then proceeded to go outside to work on some silly skit. It was when the whole class was outside and for some reason people were looking in my direction when my panty hose fell to my ankles! I was horrified. The boys were standing there with mouths gaping. The girls were trying not to snigger. My teacher made the boys turn around as I adjusted myself (but heck-we're outside!) I was so embarassed. My teacher apologized for not taking me seriously and I went to the girls bathroom and cried the rest of the classtime.

So what's your story? What's your embarassing story? And I am sure you have more than one but I'm just asking for one.. unless you care to divulge more.


Ashleigh said…
Hmm...I have to take some time to think about a really good one to share. I'll get back to you.
Anonymous said…
i have a ton i will come back with 1 whrn i can type with 2 hands
Jessica Rockey said…
Embarrassing moments! Where do I begin? I'm thinking... GLORY STREAMERS, COOLATES(sp), KPC, LION of JUDAH BANNER!!! Need I say more? O.K. I will!
I had a quick costume change, I just a was a bit frazzled, but I made my cue ontime. The dance started out slow... no problem. The music swells, time for a grande battement a la seconde (big kick). To my discrace, I had put both legs down one pant-leg of the coolats!!! WHAMMM.... As my right leg went up... my left leg got swept out from under me! Flat on my butt, center stage. BTW, it's kinda hard to make a graceful recovery with ones legs twisted about like that!

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