My cousins.

My cousins are up for a visit: Sharon, Laura, & Emily. I have so enjoyed having time with them. It's been a wonderful visit. My cousins are beautiful, sweet, funny, and precious godly young women and I am so blessed to have them in my life. They are quick to serve. I have so enjoyed just being able to have the opportunity to hang out with them. Yesterday we went to the mall so Libby could ride the carousel. They're so helpful with the kids and so loving towards them. Today we were able to go out to lunch and to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. They even made delicious apple pies tonight.

Poor Em though. Mike and I were out on a date when we got a call. Samuel had scratched Emily in the eye. So right now they're at the ER. Poor dears. We are praying that all is well. They are leaving to head back home tomorrow. I'll let you know how Em's eye is doing.

I am so blessed to have them as cousins and as my friends. Thank you Sharon, Laura and Emily for a great week-end!


Anonymous said…
How fun!
Hope Em is okay. Guess who is a big Three Libby excited??? I am. What a sweet girl she is.

Please give her some kisses from us. We love you all.
Bekah said…
What fun! I just love those girls! They have been a huge part of my life and being with them is always so much fun! Hope Emily's eye is ok...


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