a ray of sunshine.

Libby came up to me and was being so sweet and said, "I'm crazy about you mom!" she turned to Samuel, "I'm crazy about you too, Samuel!" She went back to her seat to finish her breakfast. I said, "Libby, you are a sweet girl." She looked up at me with a grin, "This sweet girl is HAPPY!"

What a little love!


Ashleigh said…
Moments like that make all the struggles of motherhood pale! :-)
Jenn said…
I love it, thank you for sharing!
Judy said…
That is sweet. :) I love it when our kids do something to make us melt inside & forget all of the 'to-do's' & 'have yet to do's'... Ruth calls me mom-mom when she's being particularly sweet & I love it.
Anonymous said…
Augh! That is ridiculously adorable! I love my niece! I love my nephew!
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm, I wonder where little Libby gets her sweetness from - I think it might have something to do with her lovely mom. This is such a great story Jennifer - you are doing an awesome job with your ridiculously cute kids! xx

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