Free Friday...

We're packing up and trying to get out of here around 4:30 (heading down to Va). We have quite the week-end ahead of us. We're celebrating Libby's birthday (early) down there. We're celebrating SGC (our church in VA) 20 year anniversary. And I'm attending my cousin Anne's bridal shower.

Since money has been, um, tight... I was thinking of things we can do that are free.

What are some of your favorite things to do that cost little to no money?

Here are some of my favorites: going to the library. Going to Barnes & Noble and flipping through books or magazines. Making a cup of tea at home. Baking. Reading. going to the zoo (we have a membership). Going to the park. Kissing Mike. Snuggling with the kids and watching a movie from the libarary.

What do you do?


Michelle said…
I like Picnics. Just take the food you'd normally eat at home and pack it up and bring it to a special place.
Going for walks.
Watching the sun set.
You can go to the museum here for free on Wed's.
The local alternative paper offers free movie tickets to movie premiers. You just have to go pick up the ticket.
I think Bethany had a book called something like "free things to do in LA with kids". I bet there is one for Philly.
Catherine said…
Walking. Yup, just walking. And sometimes I take my camera with me - just in case there's something fun to shoot. Extra fun with friends :)
Bethany said…
walking in mtns. going to beach, sitting outside w tea, free concerts in park or garden we have a membership to.
Bethany said…
Hey I thought of some you have a Pottery Barn Kids store near you? THey do free story time and my kids love to stay in there forever and play with the toys.

Also Lakeshore Learning Stores do free crafts every Saturday Morning

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