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Getting toothers.

They're here. You can't see them in this picture but Samuel has 4 top teeth. Four. At one time. No wonder he's been crankasaurus rex. Actually considering the amount of pain he's been in it hasn't been that bad. And Orajel Night time as well as pain reliever has been a huge blessing.

Wearing Carrots.

Thankfully there is no picture to accompany this blurb. It takes a special sort of art to wear carrots. Not just anybody can do it... at least not with style. I was wondering in Target with my two darlings and decided I was getting warm so I took off my coat. That's when the stares started. What is wrong with me? No. No. Nothing's wrong. They're just admiring glamorous me. Ha ha. I look down and then discover that I was wearing carrotes. My loving son Samuel decided that his lunch was just too good to not share. I'm covered in carrots. Now, here was the crux, do I put on the coat or do I wear them proud. I wore them proud, knowing that not everyday will I be so fabulously attired.

Lord, help me to know this time is short. Help me to enjoy each moment with my children whether it means being covered in baby food or sleepless nights with sick, cranky, teething children. I want to enjoy these treasures. Thank you for your kindness and for cooked carrots.


People might know her as Kelsey but to me when we're just hanging out or whatever I call her Kelsey-roo. My dear friend Kelsey has been visiting for 3 weeks and she just left yesterday to fly back to CA. We had a great time together. Nothing like cleaning up throw-up day after day to make you bond. :) We did have a good time though. We went back to VA to visit and so that Samuel could get his shots. We talked about God, and friendships, changes, politics, and nutrition. It amazes me how much she's grown up. (She's probably very embarassed reading this). I met Kels when she was just 12. And now she's of a drinking age. Wow. 9 years. A lot of history there. I am so thankful to God that He is kind to give us friends. Friends that encourage. Friends that help us change. Friends that we can lean on in the midst of crisis.

It got me thinking what does it take to be a good friend? Honesty, compassion, acceptance, patience, a listening ear, faithfulness, and …

I believe Jesus.

Libby was standing on the bed, she said "HUG!" and wrapped her little arms around me. She then said in a hushed voice, "I'm so happy!" We were laying on my bed reading books and she was fascinated with my bracelet. It's engraved with the word "believe". So I told her what it said. "Believe. It says Believe, Libby." I explained how we believe in God. I said sometimes it's hard to believe certain things about God but they're true. I told her that I believed God is good and that He loves us and has a special plan for our lives. So she said believe several times and that was that. She went to sleep soon after. When she woke she reached for my bracelet and said, "Believe." I said, "that's right, believe."

She turned to me and said, "I believe Jesus."

I don't know where that came from but I started crying. How beautiful to hear my little girl say that to me. I hadn't mentioned Jes…

My family.

It's amazing how in just a few small years our family has grown. Mike and I've only been married 3 years and look what's happened... two children. Mike and I are both enjoying school. He's enjoying his classes at seminary and I'm enjoying my nutrional program. The kids are growing like crazy. Libby's vocabulary is expanding with each passing day and Samuel is growing in strength and energy. We are so thankful to God for our precious family.

Redlights, children and other respites.

So, I'm driving after midnight in VA. No kids in the car. No rush really but for some indescribable reason I feel the need to GO! I'm stopped at a red light and instead of just sitting patiently I get frustrated. Oh come on you stupid light, turn green. Why do I feel the incessant need to go? Why am in such a rush? My children often provide the same thing for me. A chance to slow down and simplify life. Clean up throw-up. Give a bath. Change a diaper. Yet, there I am getting frustrated because I'm not doing "what needs to get done." Oh you know those "important" things like dishes, vaccuming, cooking. (ha ha) I was thinking as I was stuck at the red light that God provides little respites. Little pauses. Little breaks. They are a gift of grace but often I just want to rush on to the next thing. Oh Jesus, help us to slow down and enjoy the gifts you give us whether it be as wonderful as our children or as simple as a breather at a stoplig…