Redlights, children and other respites.

So, I'm driving after midnight in VA. No kids in the car. No rush really but for some indescribable reason I feel the need to GO! I'm stopped at a red light and instead of just sitting patiently I get frustrated. Oh come on you stupid light, turn green. Why do I feel the incessant need to go? Why am in such a rush? My children often provide the same thing for me. A chance to slow down and simplify life. Clean up throw-up. Give a bath. Change a diaper. Yet, there I am getting frustrated because I'm not doing "what needs to get done." Oh you know those "important" things like dishes, vaccuming, cooking. (ha ha) I was thinking as I was stuck at the red light that God provides little respites. Little pauses. Little breaks. They are a gift of grace but often I just want to rush on to the next thing. Oh Jesus, help us to slow down and enjoy the gifts you give us whether it be as wonderful as our children or as simple as a breather at a stoplight. Let us not ignore the little things that seem trivial but enjoy them as big as the great things you've given us. Help us to take time to see you in all aspects of our life and not to be in such a rush to get to the next thing.


Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, thanks for this reminder. I needed it today. :-)

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