Getting toothers.

They're here. You can't see them in this picture but Samuel has 4 top teeth. Four. At one time. No wonder he's been crankasaurus rex. Actually considering the amount of pain he's been in it hasn't been that bad. And Orajel Night time as well as pain reliever has been a huge blessing.


Anonymous said…
He is so beautiful, even with a runny nose. Every day we praise the Lord that Samuel and Libby are with us, growing in grace, spirit, and body. Thanks so much for your blog-efforts, Jen.
How blessed we are! We love you!
Faf & MyMike
Michelle said…
4 teeth! Now if he can just get those pincer fingers working. That boy will be eating up some pureed steak in no time! ;-)
Ashleigh said…
Wow! Four teeth at once. I think Ava had three or four teeth come in at the same time too.
Anonymous said…
He's getting so big!!

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