Wearing Carrots.

Thankfully there is no picture to accompany this blurb. It takes a special sort of art to wear carrots. Not just anybody can do it... at least not with style. I was wondering in Target with my two darlings and decided I was getting warm so I took off my coat. That's when the stares started. What is wrong with me? No. No. Nothing's wrong. They're just admiring glamorous me. Ha ha. I look down and then discover that I was wearing carrotes. My loving son Samuel decided that his lunch was just too good to not share. I'm covered in carrots. Now, here was the crux, do I put on the coat or do I wear them proud. I wore them proud, knowing that not everyday will I be so fabulously attired.

Lord, help me to know this time is short. Help me to enjoy each moment with my children whether it means being covered in baby food or sleepless nights with sick, cranky, teething children. I want to enjoy these treasures. Thank you for your kindness and for cooked carrots.


Anonymous said…
Ha ha! This made me laugh...ah yes, the worst is when your kids are too old to be smearing stuff on your clothes, yet you still find yourself "wearing" food items :-)
Michelle said…
You wore them proud... good for you girl! :-) haha
Anonymous said…
I'm sure you looked just great!
Love ya.
Ashleigh said…
How funny! I love that you wore "them proud." Good for you! :-)

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