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Heard by God.

"Mom, my name means God hears me... but what if I can't hear God? What if I lose my hearing completely? How will I hear him?"

I sat in the car and choked back tears as I drove. I tried to eye Samuel when we came to a stop at a red light. His eyes were big and vulnerable.

I took a deep breath and spoke. "Samuel, we can always hear God. It doesn't require us to have physical hearing to hear God. He speaks in our inner selves. In our minds and deep in our hearts. He guides and directs us whether we can hear or not."

Do I believe that? Do I truly believe that? Yes.

But it's hard. As his hearing has declined and the questions rise I wonder... what's next? Will he lose it all together? Will he not? Blessed be His name. He who gives and takes away.

The storm is hard. It's rough. The winds are whipping and the rain is pouring and I'm tousled like a feather in the wind... but I'm also firm in His hand. Gripped by the One who loves me and knows me…

God's Provision

So I was really dreading looking at the bank account. Certain needs were coming up and I didn't know which thing to pay for and what to ignore for the time being. And then I was blown away to see more in my account then I expected. My side hustle paycheck came through. Thank you Jesus.

 I also received an unexpected blessing check with love and prayers... melted my heart.

 I love how God provides. How he takes care of our needs. How he graciously blesses us even beyond our basic needs.

And as I still wait today to get "THE CALL" I feel His graceful provision in that.

A peace. A peace as I wait. Not knowing the result. Not knowing if we will need to go in and biopsy. Or go in the dreaded conference room. Or be completely relieved because all he will need is some minor outpatient surgery... but I can wait knowing that my God already knows what's up. He already knows perfectly what's happening with Samuel and I can trust Him. Trust that His plans and purposes for my…

Grace, Mercy & Love

I'm learning new things or maybe it's more that I'm seeing things in a new light.

Sometimes grace,
mercy and love look different than I imagined.

Sometimes it's a friend watching my kids so I can breathe and run to Sams Club by myself, or my brother-in-law taking the kids to a movie, or my friend driving me when my medication kicked in unexpectedly and impaired my driving abilities.

Or a friend sitting with me in the waiting room for the MRI and being 5+ hours at the Children's Hospital. It's my Mom taking the kids swimming. My father-in-law faithfully loving his wife in the midst of her inabilities and weaknesses with Alzheimers.

It's my husband telling me that he will have hope for the both of us in a situation I see so desperate that I have lost hope. Sometimes it's in the sunsetting over the water. The cup of Starbucks on the house just because.

Sometimes it's sobbing on the arm of my friend who has suffered a deep loss and yet allowed me to hol…

Waiting on Results of MRI

Waiting. I absolutely love waiting... said no one ever.

This is the place where we have to take our thoughts and lay them down-surrender them and even make them captive to God. Sometimes the wild and wooly ones have to be lassoed and wrangled to the ground. So what do we do as we wait?

Do we numb ourselves? Distract ourselves? stuff our faces? Get lost in FB, Pinterest, Instagram? Disappear down the comparison hole?

Trust me, I've done all those things before. And it never fixes the restlessness.

The problem isn't that you have to pin down one thought... it's that they keep coming.

Truthfully, I don't know believe I will ever arrive at mastering this. But I do know that God is with me. He's with me as I wait. With me as I read His Word-

"Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God." (Psalm 90:1)

He's with …

The Cancer Question

It's 3:40 a.m. when my body jolts awake. I thought I heard my phone ringing. It takes me a moment to remember I put in on silent. Is it any wonder though that I jump to when the phone rings? I've only gotten 8 calls yesterday from the Children's Hospital.

I find my thoughts vacillating and desperately trying to pin them down on one end of the spectrum. The side that says, "God is good. He's got this. No matter what happens I will get through this. Samuel belongs to the Lord, not me. He knows the number of breaths we will take. He knows the hairs on our head. I can trust Him even when it's scary."

And then I swing to the other side. That creeping doubt. That dear Jesus please don't let us walk through this again. That I don't know if I could handle another cancer treatment. And thoughts of didn't we just get back to some kind of normal?

Samuel's hearing is worsening. Even with his hearing aid. I keep thinking about  learning sign language a…