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Kids, Carseats & other feats of amazing significance.

Most people think to themselves, "I want to go somewhere" and then grab a bag (maybe), their keys and walk out the door. They get in their car. Start the car. And go. That doesn't happen in our world. It is a task that sometimes feels as grueling as climbing a mountain. First, is the gathering. The bags. The diapers. The wipes. The returns to the store. The shopping lists. The sippy cups. The snacks. The activity bag (no getting bored). The coupons. The directions. The agendas. Next is the ushering out. This sounds simple... open a door and have children move towards the car. But sometimes the direction goes askew. The play ground beckons. The tricycle must be ridden. The water hose must be tampered with. A hershey's kiss must be deceptively snuck out of gramma and grampa's nest (efficiency apartment). If I can get them to the car and still have them avoiding the appealing mud puddles or rocks from the …

Fall Barbie Princess Party.

Libby's Birthday party was a lot of fun. We enjoyed pizza, decorating pumpkins and a cake. I used a bundt pan for the cake and then bent Barbie in half... the cake was her "ball gown" style dress. It was a lot of fun to make. Pictures didn't turn out great... hope to eventually get a better camera so I can take better pictures... but thankful I have what I have. Should have taken pics in the daylight time... but that's hindsight, isn't it. You always see 20/20 looking back. Libby had a great time. She enjoyed her party. That's the important thing... Not my silly desires for perfection.

My Libby Girl.

Don't you love the pumpkin grins. She's missing her front two teeth and one on bottom. So cute! Hard to see in the pics.... but they are missing.

My thirty-one party.

My friend Shelley sells thirty-one products. I'm hosting an online party... and you're invited! Go and browse and shop here! The party closes at 5 p.m. on the 30th (this Saturday). Orders are done online. Here's a sweet deal... if you spend over $31 you get their organizing utility tote (valued at $25) for just $7. From their signature purses and totes to storage solutions that help organize your life, you'll find something to fit every personality and situation.

Hunt Club

Pictures from my time with Samuel & Libby and my cousin Emily at Hunt Club Farms li

Free pancakes for kids.

This Friday, October 28th, IHOP will celebrate Halloween early and give trick-or-treaters 12 and under a FREE Scary Face Pancake all day, from 7 am to 10 pm. No purchase is necessary. Enough said. Guess who's getting pancakes Friday?! I might pick up Libby from school early so we can go at an "unconventional" time when people won't be out in droves. At least I'm attempting to beat the masses. Here are more details: WHAT: IHOP restaurants will celebrate Halloween by offering kids 12 and under a free Scary Face Pancake as part of a national No Tricks – Just Treats program designed to provide kids with a safe and fun Halloween event. The Count Spatula “design-your-own” Scary Face Pancake includes an oversized signature buttermilk pancake with a whipped topping mouth and strawberry nose, served with two mini OREO® cookies and candy corn on the side to allow kids to create their own Halloween hotcake. Also, you can arrange to have a reminder call from Count …
"Will you tangle my shoes?" Samuel asking me to tie his shoes this morning. Ian:"Are we going to Hi-Hop? (IHOP) "Cuz, I want some han-hakes!" (pancakes) Libby has not only lost her top two teeth but has also just lost another tooth today... one near her bottom middle teeth... She looks more like a jack-a-lantern all the time.

Happy Birthday Libby!

Me and My Girl.

          This is my Libby Anne Hope. She is 7 today. I can't believe it. I remember when she first came into this world. Crying the most beautiful cry. Her eyes dark blueberries. She looked around and was completely alert... taking in everything. She was adored. I don't think the hospital had ever had so many people come clustered outside the nursery to see one baby. I told the nurses of why there were so many... they had come to see the Hope girl.

         Libby was named after my precious sister. When my sister and her unborn son, Sam, were killed in a car accident, I decided that if the child I was carrying was a girl, her name would be Libby. So I found out on my birthday in June that indeed I was having a girl. I knew I was having a Libby. She would never replace my sister but she would be special.

        I didn't know Libby would be my only girl. I thought having one I could probably have another... 4 boys later, right?! I realize it's a miracl…

Time Away.

Mike and I are enjoying some time away. We just had two nights by ourselves. We pick up the kids this afternoon. In the past we would come to the Outerbanks and not go once to the beach. We've enjoyed walking on the beach twice. I know. Don't pass out from shock.  It's funny how I tend to marvel at the quiet, the order, the peace of just being able to drink a cup of tea... the whole cup, while it's still hot. I've been a bit sick. Sinus infection/head cold managed to catch up with me. But yet, with the help of a netti pot, emergen-c, ibuprofen, etc. we've been able to enjoy a dinner out, a movie, a lot of laughter and tears as we've processed our life together thus far. It's been a mix of beauty and painful heartache. As if there was any other kind of heartache. Life is not always a beach, as the saying goes. But there's no one else I'd rather live it with than Mike.

I love you Babe. Thanks for walking this crazy road with me. Thanks for being …

Time for me...

What? Talk about selfish, right? What is this 'time for me' thing mean? I had noticed when I looked on my calendar that the only time I had scheduled for myself was doctor's appointments and parenting obligations (PTA, etc.) I have to remember to take breaks to care for myself... so that I can care for my husband and children.

Let's talk for a minute about self-care... Do the images of a self-centered person come to mind? Do thoughts of someone devoted wholly to themselves come into play?

I used to think it was just plain wrong to have time to yourself... and as a mom of five... time to self is a very interesting thing... I mean longer than spending two minutes on the toilet... I mean TIME to self.

I used to believe it was wrong to love yourself.... but then I was challenged by Scripture... love your neighbor as your _____________. Come on. Fill in the blank.....

Self. Yep.

What does it mean to love your neighbor as YOUR SELF....?

How many of you have been on a plane? …

Pass the vitamin C.

Mike is sick. He has a sinus/head cold thing going. He seems miserable. I bought him a new netti pot (for sanitary reasons), a plethora of emergen-c, airborne, water, gatorade, chicken broth, tissues, a bag of ricola, etc.

The key is to keep Samuel from getting sick. We're scheduled to go away for two nights this Thursday. I'm hoping he will be well enough to travel. I'm sure it will be good to get away... and it will keep Samuel from getting sick too.... but I'm hoping we can actually enjoy our time away.

We need some downtime to process our life. Talk about "next steps".... and just be.

Flashes of Hope pictures.

Samuel & Peter
Me & My Love
The Fabulous Five

This is just a small sample of the fabulous pictures that were taken through "Flashes of Hope". It's a service that is provided for families who have children with cancer. They take pictures of the patient and their families for free! We get to have rights to the pictures and they printed us out a gorgeous family photo and individual shot of Samuel. We are so blessed.

Listen to Your Grandma...

My Grandma said it first. She really did. She told me ways to be frugal... but did I listen... "Nooooooooo."

And here I am, realizing that she was right all along.

Okay, it's not that I thought my Grandma was wrong.... but maybe it's realizing that I'm going to implement a few ideas she had suggested to me, oh, about 8 years ago.

I was a newlywed and thought I knew what I wanted. This is coming from someone who wasn't much of a cook, a cleaner, or well, much of anything :)

I guess maybe now that I'm older and hopefully a little wiser that I'm more humble to the input of others.

My Grandma has lots of great ideas. She really does. Sometimes I deviate from the most cost effective suggestions because I need to do what's best for my family and that can be a little more costly because of the convenience, etc. But there is a season for everything under the sun (Ecclesiastes)... and hopefully this is a season for me to be more thrifty in ways I can be.