K-E-Y.... M-O-U-S-E....

We just told the kids the big news. We're going to Disney! To be specific we're doing something even better. We're going to Give Kids the World Village (G.K.T.W.) in Florida. Toby's Dream is sending us as a family in November to G.K.T.W.

We are so excited! I don't think the kids could fully understand or grasp what was being said but I know they know it's going to be good.I had been trying to leave little hints of what was coming. I put this in their bathroom. It's soap... with a twist :)


This is SOOOO exciting. What a blessing for you and Mike and the children. I will be praying for a fun time, peace, and a safe trip there and back, just to name a few :) Have fun and take LOTS of pictures. Have fun friend :)
Suzy I said…
Yayyyy! That will be awesome!! I hope one day we get to take the girls there. Yay for family vacations and yay for Mickey Mouse!!!

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