Time for me...

What? Talk about selfish, right? What is this 'time for me' thing mean? I had noticed when I looked on my calendar that the only time I had scheduled for myself was doctor's appointments and parenting obligations (PTA, etc.) I have to remember to take breaks to care for myself... so that I can care for my husband and children.

Let's talk for a minute about self-care... Do the images of a self-centered person come to mind? Do thoughts of someone devoted wholly to themselves come into play?

I used to think it was just plain wrong to have time to yourself... and as a mom of five... time to self is a very interesting thing... I mean longer than spending two minutes on the toilet... I mean TIME to self.

I used to believe it was wrong to love yourself.... but then I was challenged by Scripture... love your neighbor as your _____________. Come on. Fill in the blank.....

Self. Yep.

What does it mean to love your neighbor as YOUR SELF....?

How many of you have been on a plane? Then maybe you've heard the flight attendant's instructions. "Please put on your oxygen mask FIRST before assisting children (or other passengers) with their masks." I will tell you what. You won't be doing well if you pass out before you can put the oxygen mask on. You probably won't even get the mask on the other person...

Honestly, I can't take care of my family if I have nothing left to give. If I give, give, give.... and I tend to give up. I'm so tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed I can barely move. But if I care for myself then out of my abundance I can give to my husband and my kids and to others.

My kids will watch what I do and do it themselves. I am their role model.. whether I like it or not. Do I show them it's okay to care for yourself or do I teach them... give until you can't anymore and your burnt out and exhausted and start yelling at everyone. If I show them it's okay to take care of your needs so that you can better help others I hope that they will follow suit.

Taking care of yourself is like hitting a re-set button. You go from empty to full again...

How you can care for yourself:

-give yourself good food and lots of water.... take your vitamins or necessary medicine. Your body needs good fuel to run properly.
-Rest. You need sleep in order to function. That one makes me laugh. Because sometimes getting sleep is beyond our control... especially with young children. But if you can help it... get it! Sleep is so important.
-Exercise.... Helps your mood, fights depression, works your heart, metabolism, etc. improves your health
-Take Breaks... Whether it's from work or managing a household or children... Take breaks. Take a bath. Make a cup of tea. Relax. Read a book. Go for a walk. Meet up with a friend.Work on a Craft.
-Care for your body. It may not seem as important as your soul.... but you do only get one body... be good to it! Get Medical check-ups. Dental check-ups. Brush your teeth, floss. Moisturize. Shave. Shower. Dress up.
-RECREATION. (falls in line with taking breaks, above) I don't think we understand this word. Recreation.... defined by the Free Dictionary as follows: 1. refreshment of health or spirits by relaxation and enjoyment 2. an activity or pastime that promotes this Do something that truly rejuvenates you. Something that leaves you feeling refreshed. There is a difference between wasting your time (flipping channels, idly filling time on facebook) and doing something that will help give you renewed purpose.
Let's re-create ourselves... so we can continue to love and serve and ultimately to glorify God.
-Enjoy Life. Drink a warm favorite beverage. Paint your nails. Buy yourself some flowers or a plant. Open your window and enjoy fresh air. Burn a candle. Enjoy a piece of chocolate.
-Laugh. Watch a funny movie. Call a friend. Laugh at yourself.

Just some thoughts. Somedays I'm better than others at caring for myself. Unfortunately, the adage is true, "When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." But the opposite is also true... when I care for myself I am usually pretty cheerful and it spreads to the rest of my family...

 It doesn't need to cost money. You don't even need for it to be hours... but try and get 20 minutes or more several times a week. Write yourself some "you time" into your calendar today.


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