The Joys of Reading

I love a good book. Just wrapped up a novel and have a stack accumulating of what I've just finished reading next to my bed. My To Be Read Pile is slowly but steadily shrinking. But just when I think it's diminishing I listen to podcasts like What Should I Read Next?, Bibliofile, One Great Book, Read Aloud Revival and I find my list of holds at the library are expanding exponentially. 
I love reading in the summer. On the beach or in my hammock outisde or lazily reading in bed as the rain is pouring outside. 
What is your favorite book? I'd love to add it to my pile! What book sparked your imagination? What book created a new habit, pattern or growth in thinking, emotional health, spiritual wellness, etc.? 
Between audiobooks and my kindle or a physical copy I find that I'm often in the company of books. So tell me if there was just one book you could pick (beside the Bible), what would it be and why?

Can Diaper Changing be holy? God's work in the "mundane".

I remember hearing decades ago that "secular" and "holy" tasks are both equally important in God's eyes. But I don't think it clicked quite the way it did just now. In my attempts to please God through my "devotion" I didn't recognize that my life as a mother, wife, writer, housekeeper, errand runner, chauffeur, nurse, appointment scheduler, all those things both "spiritual" and "mundane" were pleasing to Him.

I've recently been reading this book called "Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life" by Tish Harrison Warren. I've come to the most remarkable conclusion that I'm not merely loving God and serving Him in my Bible reading, in my worship songs that I sing out loud, and in my prayer time with Him but I'm also communing with Him as I work through the challenges of potty-training an intellectually disabled 11 year old. As I do the dishes. As I pick up the dirty clothes left in t…

Tears, Rollerskates, Truth & Comparison.

I don't know what my deal is lately but I've been watching movies that make me cry. Nothing to deep and gut-wrenching like Schindler's List but movies that are more superficial, but yeah, still turn on the waterworks. I have felt very stuffed up lately. I have felt the need to emote but have had no ability to do so. So I watch a sad movie and my tears stream down my cheeks and I think on the things that I really want to cry about and it's rather cathartic.

There's a deep sad in me that has lasted over this past year. It has to do with my heartbreaking. It's led to a depression and deep anxiety to the point that every time I get in the car I think I'm going to die. No joke. Literally every time I drive or allow my husband to drive me I think it's going to be my last moments on earth. No fun. My poor husband.

Grateful to be in therapy and getting help. Grateful even more so for the sunshine lately. For the ability to laugh. And for the emotions God has gi…

Almost Summer

I'd love to say all the things that have been happening and what's up with us but it's all rather under wraps at the moment. Things are changing... at least under the surface. So many new dreams, ideas, visions, and hopes for the future. We will get to all that at the right time.

For now, just know that God is at work. He has a plan for us and it's going to be good. Better than we can imagine or hope for.

Trusting God in this season of waiting expectantly has its challenges. Sometimes I feel like yelling at the top of my lungs in a crowded public space some of the new ideas that have come up. But I know for now it's good to wait.

Man, I suck at waiting.

That's okay.

Wrapping up the school year and I am excited to begin summer with my kiddos. I'm so incredibly proud of all their accomplishments this year. They've worked hard and have made tremendous progress academically. I love the growth I've seen in them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiri…

15 years without Libby Anne.

I'm sure she's still sneaking ice-cream for breakfast, playing her guitar, riding horses and eating lucky charms. Best of all she's with Jesus in whose presence is fullness of life and joy. Tomorrow marks 15 years that my sister Libby and my nephew Sam have gone to be with Jesus, their Heaven birthday as I call it.

I'm still here waiting on the other side.

It's still so bittersweet. I miss her so much and yet I know that I will see her again someday, and relatively speaking, it will be soon.

Death is not a natural part of life. It's a part of the curse. It's what Jesus came and lived a perfect life for and died in our place so that He could put death to death.

Death is not the final statement. It doesn't have the final say. It's merely a passageway to enter into the arms of our Savior. I don't mean to say that it's not painful and that it's not part of our worldly experience.

Right now, I have seen so many facing deaths of loved ones: pa…

Finding Rest in a Restless World

In the still small quiet hours of the morning, when no one is awake but me and I’m left with myself and my thoughts, I wonder.
I wonder what I should be doing. Tackling the house? Working out extra early? Soaking in the tub? Sneak out and get coffee at Starbucks… it is after 5 after all.
The key is SHOULD. That word that makes me feel guilty at every turn. There’s always a hundred different things I COULD be doing. And it’s hard for me to choose in any given moment what the priority is.
I’m training for the Shamrock half marathon. Working out 5 days a week. 3 days of High Intensity Interval Training. 2 days of walk/running.
But on a Sunday the one day of rest… what should I do? What rests my soul? What refreshes my spirit? What renews my energy? What recovers my body?
So I look to the Lord. The giver of all good gifts. Psalm 127:2 (NIV) states, “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.
The striving in me needs to shut down and…

Missing her still...

December 7th would have been my sister's 36th birthday. So hard to believe it's almost been 15 years since I saw her last.

This song is an oldie but a goodie. Resonates with my heart today...

Over the Rhine ~ Latter Days

What a beautiful piece of heartache
This has all turned out to be
Lord knows we've learned the hard way
All about healthy apathy I use these words pretty loosely
There's so much more to life than words There is a me you would not recognize, dear
Call it the shadow of myself
And if the music starts before I get there
Dance without me, you dance so gracefully
I really think I'll be okay
They've taken a toll, these latter days Nothing like sleeping on a bed of nails
Nothing much here but our broken dream
Oh, but baby, if all else fails
Nothing is ever quite what it seems And I'm dying inside to leave you
With more than just cliches There is a me you would not recognize, dear
Call it the shadow of myself
And if the music starts before I get there
Dance without me, y…